My Pet’s Brace offers various back and front leg support for dogs for different injuries and conditions. Canine braces encourage your pet’s mobility and improve their comfort when they need pain relief or extra support. Plus, dog leg braces are a conservative management solution that is less invasive and expensive than surgery. Learn more about our braces and how they can help your dog.


At My Pet’s Brace, we provide custom-made dog braces for their back legs and front legs. Your dog’s leg injury or condition determines the kind of brace they’ll need. Check out our available devices to learn more about which type of brace is the right fit for your pet.

Knee Braces

Our dog knee braces provide support for dogs with cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tears and other knee-related injuries and conditions, including:

After a dog suffers a leg injury or develops a knee condition, they need all the support they can get. Our knee braces promote healing and muscle mass development so your dog can get back to playtime.

Hock Braces

Hock braces are also known as ankle or tarsal braces, and they support your dog’s hind legs. These braces commonly treat conditions like:

An ankle-related dog leg injury limits your pet’s mobility and balance. Our hock braces provide support to your dog’s hind leg and control unwanted motion, allowing your dog to experience a greater range of motion and increased comfort.

Elbow Braces

Elbow braces for your dog’s front legs relieve pain and provide long-term support for pets with the following conditions:

Long-term dog leg injuries or chronic elbow conditions significantly reduce your dog’s comfort and range of motion. Dog elbow leg support braces from My Pet’s Brace help take pressure off of the damaged joint, so your dog has the support where they need it.

Carpal Braces

If your dog limps or suffers from pain in their front wrist, they might benefit from a carpal brace. These braces are a conservative pain management solution for dogs with conditions or injuries like:

Carpal braces provide complete control over your dog’s range of motion and maximum support at the affected joint. These custom devices will improve your pet’s mobility so that they can get back to their normal activity level with less pain.


If you’re looking for an effective and comfortable alternative to surgery for your dog’s leg injury, My Pet’s Brace has custom-made leg braces that provide the support and mobility your pet needs. You can visit one of our facilities or work with your local veterinarian for the process. Contact us to learn about our casting and fitting process, and schedule an appointment to get started today!