Canine braces may help with a range of issues, including knee, elbow, ankle, and carpal injuries. When your dog needs a brace, they deserve the best solution for their unique challenges. If you’re looking for the right fit for your dog, look no further than My Pet’s Brace™. We offer the best custom dog leg braces made with the highest-quality materials. Learn more about the value of a custom brace and our process today.


If your dog requires a brace for any reason, you have options. As a pet owner, you have a choice between selecting an off-the-shelf or custom brace for your dog’s leg.

Many companies sell off-the-shelf braces for dogs. These products are often cheaper than a custom-made dog brace because they are faster to manufacture without a particular pet in mind. Will those savings pay off in the long run? In our experience, most off-the-shelf braces are soft and lack the necessary support for many injuries and conditions. These fabric braces are also vulnerable to your pet’s daily wear and tear. Standard braces come in only a handful of vague sizes. How can this narrow range fit over 200 dog breeds?

Our clients have found that their dog needs a better solution than the fit of a “standard” brace.

We construct your dog’s custom leg brace individually to ensure it’s perfectly suited to your dog’s unique needs. You’ll get more for your money when you invest in a custom brace. At My Pet’s Brace, we account for every measurement, contour, and bump to ensure the most comfortable and effective fit. Our small team also uses the highest-quality materials used for human braces to ensure durability and maximum support.


Custom leg braces for dogs do more to promote your dog’s comfort and mobility than off-the-shelf devices. A personalized fit offers greater advantages for your pet and their health by:


Our team at My Pet’s Brace follows a practical and efficient process to get your pet the custom-made dog leg brace they need.

We make all our braces by hand at our Morgantown, PA, facility. We have proudly made our products in the USA for over 13 years, giving us the expertise we need to make animal orthotics that fit dogs of many sizes and with different injuries. Even if you can’t come to one of our locations, we have enough hands-on experience with casting and fitting dogs in person to help you remotely, too.

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A custom leg brace for dogs is the best way to give your pet a happier and healthier life without surgery. At My Pet’s Brace, our team is committed to creating solutions that work.

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