Hock Braces for Dogs

If your dog has an Achilles tendon injury, hyperextension of the hock or knuckle — walking on the top of their paw — they might benefit from a dog ankle brace. Also known as a tarsus or hock brace, these devices control unwanted motion and provide stability for your dog’s ankle. My Pet’s Brace™ makes the best hock braces for dogs to support Achilles tendon injuries and other issues.

Hock Braces In Action

Abby the Golden Retriever with custom My Pet's Hock Brace

Bella the Anatolian Shepherd mix with custom my pet's hock brace

Leo the English Springer Spaniel with My Pet's Hock Brace

Schatze the Catahoula with My Pet's Hock Brace

Bosco the Beagle mix with custom My Pet's Hock Braces

Cinnamon the Labrador Retriever with Custom My Pet's Hock Brace

Logan the English Pointer with custom My Pet's Hock Braces

Sarge the German Shepherd with custom My Pet's Hock Brace

Hock Braces for Rear Legs 1
Hock Braces for Rear Legs 2

Jointed Vs Non-Jointed

At My Pet’s Brace, we can fabricate our hock braces for dogs with or without joints at the hock (the boney piece that sticks out) and/or at the paw.

Jointed braces may feature range of motion straps on the back of the brace, which control how much your dog can flex the affected joints. When your dog’s injury or condition has improved, the straps can be lengthened to allow for more movement at the joint.

Non-jointed hock braces are made for maximum control and stability. The back of the brace is completely solid.

Shell Add-On

Does your pet need more support? We add a removable shell to the front of the brace for dogs with osteosarcomas. The removable shell can also replace weekly re-castings. This shell is breathable but completely encloses the leg.

Hock Braces for Rear Legs 3

Made for your pet

Custom is Best

Our custom hock brace, made for your individual dog’s leg, is the most effective and most comfortable type of brace for your dog to wear. We start with a cast of your dog’s leg, so we can account for every unique width, length and lump.

Off-the-shelf or standard-sized braces typically use thick fabric that does not provide the necessary support for ankle-related injuries. How are a few standard sizes supposed to fit over 200 breeds of dogs?

Hock Braces for Rear Legs 4
Hock Braces for Rear Legs 5
Hock Braces for Rear Legs 4
Hock Braces for Rear Legs 5

Design & Materials

At My Pet’s Brace, we design every dog ankle brace with your pet in mind. The brace goes under your dog’s paw and up the back of their leg. We make all of our products with the highest-quality materials that are also used for human braces. These braces are waterproof and built to last. 

Other Uses

Get Started Today

Whether your dog is suffering from a hyperextended hock or needs additional stability after an Achilles tendon injury, an ankle brace may help your dog live a happier life. My Pet’s Brace will be here to help you from your first consultation to checking in on your dog’s condition. Learn more about the process of getting a brace or how to fit a hock brace for dogs.

You can visit a My Pet’s Brace facility in Morgantown or Pittsburgh, PA, or work with your local veterinarian to get started today. Contact us today to learn more about hock braces for dogs, their long-term effects and details like getting replacement parts.