Carpal Braces for Dogs

If your dog limps or struggles with pain in their front wrists, canine carpal braces might be the solution you’re looking for. These braces control unwanted motion and provide stability, which eases discomfort from various ailments or conditions. A custom dog carpal brace can help your dog feel better and regain mobility for a better life.

Carpal Braces In Action

Hector the Desert Dog with My Pet's Carpal Brace

Pikachu the Chihuahua mix with Custom My Pet's Carpal Braces

Nya the Shepherd mix with Custom My Pet's Carpal Brace

Oliver the Pomeranian mix with custom My Pet's Carpal Brace

Cleo the Saluki mix with custom My Pet's Carpal Brace

Maggie the Jack Russell/Terrier mix with custom My Pet's Carpal Brace

Carpal Braces for Front Legs 1
Carpal Braces for Front Legs 2

Types of Carpal Support Braces for Dogs

At My Pet’s Brace™, we fabricate jointed and non-jointed dog carpal braces.

Non-jointed braces have solid backs to restrict all motion at the joint and provide maximum support.

Jointed braces enable flexion at the wrist joint. These braces have adjustable straps that control how much your dog can bend their wrist. As your dog’s injury or condition improves, the straps can be lengthened to increase the degree of flexion.

Made for your pet

Custom-Made Canine Carpal Braces

The process of fitting your dog with a custom carpal brace starts with a cast of your dog’s leg. After we have the cast, we fabricate a unique brace for your dog’s specific needs. 

In our opinion, off-the-shelf or standard-sized braces lack the support that is typically necessary for dogs with severe wrist conditions. What’s more, those options come in a few vague sizes, which lack the tailored fit to promote your dog’s comfort and mobility.

Carpal Braces for Front Legs 3
Carpal Braces for Front Legs 4
Carpal Braces for Front Legs 3
Carpal Braces for Front Legs 4

Design & Materials

We make each carpal brace with your pet in mind. Our team uses the same materials used for human wrist braces. Every canine carpal brace is engineered with:

Shell Add-On

A removable shell is added to the front of the brace for dogs with osteosarcoma or it can replace weekly re-castings. The shell’s material is breathable, but the leg stays completely enclosed for more protection.

Our experts, in conjunction with your local veterinarian, will determine whether a shell add-on is necessary for your dog’s wrist injury.

Carpal Braces for Front Legs 7

Uses of Dog Carpal Braces

Your dog may benefit from a carpal brace if they have a radial nerve injury, hyperextension of the carpal or knuckle, which is when they walk on the top of their paw. Our dog front wrist braces also address these carpal-related injuries to help increase your pet’s mobility and comfort:

Buy a Carpal Brace for Your Dog Today

If your pet struggles with carpal-related pain, our dog front wrist brace may be a less invasive solution than surgery that helps your pet live a better life. Contact our representatives today or begin the ordering process to get a custom-made carpal brace for your dog!