Elbow Braces for Dogs

When your dog limps or experiences discomfort because of an elbow injury or condition, you’ll do anything you can to increase their mobility and alleviate their pain. A custom brace may be the best solution to improve your pet’s quality of life. At My Pet’s Brace™, your dog’s mobility and comfort are our top priorities.

Elbow Braces In Action

Grady the Labrador Retriever with Custom My Pet's Elbow Brace

Sam the Bichon mix with custom My Pet's Elbow Brace

Dude the Australian Shepherd with custom My Pet's Elbow Brace

Elbow Braces for Front Legs 1
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 2

Types of Pet Elbow Support Braces

There are two types of elbow braces — jointed and non-jointed. The best fit for your dog depends on their elbow injury.

The backs of non-jointed braces are completely solid to deliver maximum control.

Jointed elbow braces allow your dog to bend their elbow. Jointed braces may include range of motion straps on the back of the brace which limits the degree of flexion at the joint. As your dog’s injury or condition improves, the straps can be lengthened to provide more movement at the joint.

Made for your pet

Custom-Made Elbow Braces for Dogs

We use a cast of your dog’s leg to create a brace that is entirely unique to your pet. Buying a custom-made elbow brace for your dog will provide them with the most effective and comfortable solution for their elbow injury.

Off-the-shelf or standard-sized soft braces rarely provide the necessary support for serious elbow injuries. Plus, 200 dog breeds need more than a few sizes to find the perfect fit.

Elbow Braces for Front Legs 3
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 4
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 3
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 4

Design & Materials

We design and assemble every pet brace with your dog in mind to promote optimal health and comfort. Our team uses the highest-quality materials, the same that manufacturers use for human braces. Every brace includes:

Uses of Elbow Braces for Dogs

Buy a Dog Elbow Brace Today

Our custom dog elbow braces for arthritis and other conditions help your pet manage discomfort and increase their mobility. Contact us with your questions about our elbow braces or begin the ordering process to relieve your dog’s elbow pain today!