Elbow Braces for Dogs

Elbow braces control unwanted motion and provide stability to your dog’s wrist. Your dog may benefit from an elbow brace if they have arthritis, degenerative joint disease or elbow luxation.

Elbow Braces In Action

Grady the Labrador Retriever with Custom My Pet's Elbow Brace

Sam the Bichon mix with custom My Pet's Elbow Brace

Dude the Australian Shepherd with custom My Pet's Elbow Brace

Elbow Braces for Front Legs 1
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 2

Jointed Vs Non-Jointed

Carpal braces can be fabricated with joints at the carpal and/or at the paw.

Jointed braces may include range of motion straps on the back of the brace which limits the degree of flexion at the joint. As your dog’s injury or condition improves, the straps can be lengthened to provide more movement at the joint.

For maximum control, carpal braces are made without joints. The back of the brace is completely solid.

Made for your pet

Custom is Best

Our custom-made elbow brace, made for your individual dog’s leg, is the most effective and most comfortable type of brace for your dog to wear.  By starting with a cast of your dog’s leg, we can account for every width, length, and lump.

Off-the-shelf or standard-sized braces are typically made with thick fabric that does not provide the necessary support for this injury.  Also, how would a handful of sizes fit over 200 breeds of dogs?

Elbow Braces for Front Legs 3
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 4
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 3
Elbow Braces for Front Legs 4

Design & Materials

Designed with your dog in mind. All of our braces are made with the same high-quality materials that are used for human braces and are waterproof. 

Other Uses