Knee Braces for Rear Legs 1

Knee Braces for Dogs

ACL / CCL tears are the most common orthopedic injuries in dogs.  The good news is that our custom-made dog knee braces have helped thousands of dogs like yours with a torn anterior/cranial cruciate ligament. Your dog will play again without surgery.

In Humans



Anterior Cruciate Ligament


In Dogs


Cranial Cruciate Ligament

Design & Materials

Designed with your dog in mind. All of our braces are made with the same high-quality materials that are used for human braces and are waterproof. 
Hard medical-grade plastic for structure.
Soft closed-cell antibacterial foam for padding.
Tough joints made for dogs.
Stainless steel screws and rivets.
Velcro straps.
Grooved Achilles tendon pad.
Suspension sleeve to prevent brace from sliding down.
Knee Braces for Rear Legs 2

For ACL/CCL Injuries

How A Knee Brace Works

Prevents the tibial thrust

Promotes scar tissue formation

Helps muscle mass return

Provides full range of motion, so your dog can easily bend their leg

Are worn for 9 months

Get your dog back to their normal activity level!

Most dogs are getting our knee brace instead of surgery because:

Knee Braces In Action

Ginny the Bluetick Coonhound with My Pet's Knee Brace for Neosporosis

Wicca the Cane Corso from Canada with My Pet's Knee Brace

Bentley the Doberman with Custom My Pet's Knee Brace

Nikko the German Shepard mix with Custom My Pet's Knee Braces

Miss Winfrey the Boxer with Two My Pet's Knee Braces

Tula the Labrador Retriever with My Pet's Knee Brace

Made for your pet

Custom is Best

Our custom-made knee brace, made for your individual dog’s leg, is the most effective and most comfortable type of brace for your dog to wear. By starting with a cast of your dog’s leg, we can account for every width, length and lump.

Off-the-shelf or standard sized braces are typically made with thick fabric that do not provide the necessary support for this injury. Also, how would a handful of sizes fit over 200 breeds of dogs?

Knee Braces for Rear Legs 3
Knee Braces for Rear Legs 4

Statistical Assurance

Two Knee Braces

Studies have shown that up to 60% of dogs that tear one ACL/CCL will injure their other leg. Yikes!

According to our patient reported outcomes survey in 2020, only 18% of the dogs that received their initial knee brace from us, injured their opposite ACL/CCL.[1] Why – because dogs with braces are able to use their injured leg sooner than if they had surgery.

If your dog injures both knees, both legs can be braced. There is no complicated harness system that connects the two devices.

Other Uses

Our knee braces are NOT effective for luxating patellas. Sorry, we’re working on a solution that works.

[1] My Pet’s Brace emailed a Knee Brace Follow Up Survey in January 2020 to pet owners whose dog received a knee brace for an ACL/CCL injury between 2015-2018. Out of 687 survey responses, 123 or 17.9% of owners reported their dog sustained an ACL/CCL injury on the opposite leg after receiving a knee brace for an ACL/CCL injury on the initially injured leg.