Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Case Study: Scout - Tripod Labrador Retriever Mix With An Elbow Brace 1

Patient: Scout is a 5-year-old, 35-pound Labrador Retriever mix

Diagnosis: Tripod with severe arthritis in her remaining elbow

Type of Device: Jointed elbow brace

Case Study: Scout was rescued when she was three years old. Her front right leg was missing from an unknown injury or birth defect. She was still very active, but tired easily after long walks or playtime. Her new family was concerned about her quality of life as she was still a young dog. They consulted their veterinarian for guidance who diagnosed Scout with severe arthritis in her left elbow.

Scout’s family reached out to us in February of 2018. After reviewing the medical notes and X-rays, we evaluated Scout for a custom elbow brace. The brace was fabricated with joints. The range of motion straps affixed to the back of the brace allow 10-15° of flexion at the joint. The brace supports the elbow joint while limiting the range of motion, reducing the arthritic pain that Scout experiences in that joint.

Scout has been wearing the brace for three years. She wears it all day, except when she’s in her crate or doing strengthening exercises. She continues to be an active dog and loves to go for hikes and play around the house. Her family said, “Scout’s brace has enabled her to live a happier life and enjoy our adventures! From daily walks, to weekend hikes, to running around the living room chasing her toys. She’s definitely in less pain, and overall a happier pup because of this brace.”