Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Case Report: Khloe – German Shepherd With Bilateral Carpal Hyperextension 1

Patient: Khloe is a 10-year-old, 85-pound German shepherd dog

Diagnosis: Bilateral carpal hyperextension

Type Of Device:  Non-jointed carpal braces

Case Report: Khloe was playing with their new puppy when she hyperextended her left carpal. Her veterinarian secured the leg in a splint. During one of her re-splinting appointments at their vet, Khloe jumped out of their vehicle and hyperextended the right, non-splinted carpal.

Khloe’s family was very distressed and didn’t want her to live in pain the rest of her life. They did not wish to pursue surgery due to Khloe’s age, severe hip arthritis, and the lengthy surgical recovery time. Her veterinarian recommended custom braces as a long-term treatment plan.

My Pet’s Brace fabricated two non-jointed carpal braces for Khloe. She wears the braces 10-12 hours every day for constant protection. The carpal braces support her legs in a corrected position, making it comfortable for her to walk and play. They also prevent contracture and further deterioration of the joints.

Her family said, “We now walk at least 2 miles daily. We went to the beach in September. She is running and playing with other dogs again. She is doing things I never could have imagined.”