Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Case Report: Draper - Bulldog With Missing Front Paw 1Patient: Draper is a 2-year-old, bulldog

Diagnosis: Missing left front paw

Type Of Device: Front left prosthesis

Case Report: Draper was born in California with amniotic band syndrome. During prenatal development, a band of connective tissue wrapped around his left front paw. As a result, he was born without a paw. A rescue organization found his forever family in Pennsylvania and he was flown to his new home.

His family consulted with their veterinarian to discuss Draper’s future and their long-term goals. They were concerned about the additional weight on his remaining limbs affecting the integrity of his joints as well as the alignment of his shoulders and hips. They also wanted to make sure his stump was protected. Draper is a young active dog, in a lively family with several other dogs. His family wanted to ensure he was able to live a long happy life that was not impeded by his missing paw.

Once he reached skeletal maturity, he visited us for a prosthetic device. We took a cast of his leg and he returned for the fitting of his pirate themed prosthesis. The device includes a silicone inner liner that is put on Draper’s leg first. The leg with the liner is then inserted into the hard outer shell which has a sole.

Draper wears his prosthesis for 4-5 hours a day. He wears it to go on walks, outside playing, swimming, and for physical therapy. It enables him to run, jump, and play. It serves as a guard against rough surfaces and injury, especially when he’s outside having fun with his fur siblings. With the device, his body is in proper position and his weight is evenly distributed between his four legs. The prosthesis is part of Draper’s everyday routine. He’s living life to the fullest and bringing joy to everyone he meets.