I can’t say enough wonderful things about all of the staff at My Pet’s Brace in Morgantown PA. They are so kind and compassionate. I brought my older standard poodle in to be fitted for a brace and it went well. I was excited to try the brace to help my girl walk again; however, before we got a chance to pick up the brace my sweet Hannah passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. I still don’t know exactly the cause of her passing. After notifying my pets brace of Hannah’s passing, EVERYONE was so supportive and kind. They sent me a very generous partial refund, a sympathy card signed by everyone, and even had a tree planted in Hannah’s honor. For having only been there once, this is true compassion. They are an amazing team and true animal lovers. I am so grateful for their kindness and compassion during this very difficult time. The brace was adorable and I am so sad that Hannah didn’t get the chance to wear it. (Via Google)

Michele B, 11/30/21

Extremely helpful, kind, and explains everything in detail. High quality products and great options to avoid surgery. (Via Facebook)

Earline B, 11/24/21
Testimonials 1

Larkin is my 12.5y golden/chow. He has severe osteoarthritis (OA) in his elbows, hips, and stifles. Due to progressive OA and secondary muscle atrophy, he started to have difficulty walking short distances and getting up on carpet. I was desperate. I wondered if I supported his worst front leg, since unfortunately we can’t effectively support his hips, would it help? It has!!!! So much more than I even imagined. He wears his brace for walks only- 20 minutes twice daily. Walks at the park once a week- 20-30min. Rarely, if I see he is more lame or weaker, I’ll leave the brace on for 4-8 hours, while I’m at work, the next day or two until he recovers. The brace fit perfectly from day one. We have the advantage of his thick undercoat. He has not developed any abrasions. Since I practice physical rehabilitation therapy and Chinese medicine only, I already recommended this to another clinically similar senior patient and a crazy, young front amputee to support his remaining front limb which is already developing significant OA and carpal hyper-flexion. Thanks for the great work you do and the customer support. There is nothing more helpful than telling my clients about a product that is helping my own fur child.” (Via Email)

Dr. Morgan Dixon, 11/23/21

My wild and crazy dog and her family are so thankful for giving her her craziness back!!! You would never ever know that she spent nearly a year and a half limping from a cruciate injury before we found you. The only time she wears her brace now is at the dog park (for precautionary measures) and we sing your praises to anyone that asks about it. Thank you, My Pet’s Brace! (Via Facebook)

Gina J, 11/5/21

You all are the best! Sadie just did her usual hikes this week with her brace. She lives for this and is loving life!   So happy we found you all! (Via Facebook)

Sandra Y, 11/5/21

We are so thankful we found you a few years ago for our Field English Cocker Molly. It was worth every mile on our drive from NJ to your location. She loved her purple CCL brace and did amazing with it. Certainly hope we don’t need to go through that again with our Springer or our new FECS puppy. But you will be our first call if ever needed! Such a wonderful team. Love seeing your shows on TV! (Via Facebook)

Lauren T, 11/5/21

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the extra care and revisions in the orthosis and it’s lining that you made with my patient Nova Manning. It is greatly appreciated. Nova made it through the 9-month process with your help, and excellent compliance from her family, and regular PT visits which the family was committed to. She had her first PT re-check visit with me today after being ‘brace-free’ for one week and the joint remain stable! Our plan is to continue as needed for PT wellness visits every few weeks using cold laser, manual techniques and re-checks. I remain an advocate for conservative management of CCL tears whenever possible, using My Pet’s Brace orthoses. (Via Email)

Dr. Susan Davis, Submitted 10/7/21
Testimonials 2

Thanks for the amazing service and tender care today. We made it home to Maryland, safe and sound! We’ll see you all again next week! Bebe, Boda, Zita & Zorro….Tony says Hi!!! (Via Facebook)

Brendan M, Submitted 9/29/21

Katie was amazing at My Pet’s Brace in Pittsburgh. I initially had to get one brace for my dog’s ACL and then a couple months later she tore the other leg. She was so kind and comforting and you can truly tell she loved her job and dogs. My dog is getting around a lot better and can go on walks again with her braces. (Via Google)

Kristina Z, Submitted 9/28/21

So friendly and helpful!! Had the appointment for making the brace. All went great. Received the brace a week and a day later. Went back two weeks later bc I don’t think I was doing it quite right. They were so helpful with adjusting the brace. Great experience so far! (Via Facebook)

Susan A, Submitted 9/16/21
Testimonials 3

I can only say that your company and all of you are an absolute blessing to my Skye and me. Brought us so many more years of active life for my goofy Skye. In addition to so very many other people’s pets. We love our pets they are family to us. So happy my girl and so many others can live out the rest of their lives happy and healthy. You are truly angels and I thank you for everything that you’ve done for my beautiful girl and for all of the other animals that have been brought to you. I refer people to you all the time can’t wait to see your upcoming show love you guys. Ur the best at what u do keep it up!! (Via Facebook)

Joanne, Submitted 9/3/21

My Golden Daisy did wonderful with her brace. Thank you so much for helping her. (Via Facebook)

Barbara G, Submitted 8/27/21

I was so devastated when Cassie injured her leg, thanks to My Pet’s Brace she is living a normal life. So grateful for your service! (Via Facebook)

Lisa S, Submitted 8/26/21
Testimonials 4

My Pet’s Brace is THE best. My Ellie has done so well since her complete tear of her ACL back in 2017! Excellent, we love you guys!!! (Via Facebook)

Maria W, Submitted 8/13/21
Testimonials 5

He is doing so good. We can’t thank you enough!

Marjo P, Submitted 8/9/21

Hi! I wanted to give an update and show my appreciation for your company. Chase has been wearing his brace for almost 6 months now for his torn ACL and I cannot get over how well he has healed. At 11 years old, we did not want to put him through surgery. When our vet recommended My Pet’s Brace, we knew it was the right choice. Chase went from putting no pressure on his back leg, to now walking, running and playing like he used to. We are so thrilled with his progress and couldn’t be more grateful. (Via Facebook)

Kayla K, Submitted 8/9/21
Testimonials 6

Sidney showing off his brace. He’s doing great with it. When he sees me with it he lays down so I can put it on. He acts young again. (Via Facebook)

Debbie J, Submitted 8/4/21

Our dog tore her ccl and due to an autoimmune blood platelet disease she was not a candidate for surgery. My vet told us about My Pet’s Brace and we decided to get Maddie fitted for a brace. She has been wearing it for almost 2 months and she is doing very well. My Pet’s Brace have also been helpful with adjustments of the straps and the braces cushioning. I highly recommend My Pet’s Brace. (Via Facebook)

Gail B, submitted 7/26/21

Our experience with My Pet’s Brace has been wonderful, and I highly recommend them.  Benji, our rescue dog, tore his CCL, but at about 13 or 14 years old, we did not want to put him through the surgery.  Our vet’s first choice would have been to do the surgery, but he offered the brace as a second option when I expressed concern about Benji’s age, potential problems after the surgery, and the cost.  I felt like the brace was the only real option, but I was hesitant, picturing some clunky and uncomfortable piece of hardware that Benji would have to wear 24/7 for the rest of his life.  He had been active, healthy, and playful up until he tore his CCL, and I was so afraid that he wouldn’t ever get back to that. I looked at the testimonials on this page, and watched some videos, and was greatly reassured.  I felt even better after bringing Benji to the office, and meeting our technician, Corrinne, who was friendly and knowledgeable.  After just a few minutes in the office, Benji was back with us, and his custom brace arrived about a week later.  It is light, and fits his leg like a glove.  It didn’t seem to bother him in the least at any point of wearing.  Now, over a year since he tore his CCL, he is still active, healthy, and playful.  Corrinne tells me that the scar tissue in his leg has built up as much as it ever will, so although a torn CCL doesn’t heal, the leg is stable.  Looking at him, you wouldn’t know that he had ever had an injury!  He wears the brace when he’s outside, or playing hard inside, but he is no longer on a set wear schedule.  I am so incredibly grateful to My Pet’s Brace, and to Corrinne, who ALWAYS answered my emails promptly, kindly, and informatively.  When I needed a new strap or other piece for Benji’s brace, it was in my mailbox within about three days.  Whenever I called the office, the ladies who answered the phone were so pleasant and helpful.   As I said, I cannot recommend My Pet’s Brace highly enough, and I am so grateful to everyone there. (Via Email)

Heather S, submitted 7/22/21
Testimonials 7

That’s my girl! She’s doing fabulous in her brace and hasn’t missed a beat! Thank you for offering us other options besides surgery! (Via Facebook)

Ashley H, submitted 7/6/21

My Pet’s Brace makes the highest quality braces to allow injuries to heal. It’s a great alternative to surgery. The customer service is wonderful. My 12 year old lab mix loves them! (Via Facebook)

Lee Ann D, submitted 6/30/21

Sadly, I lost Kaylee to bone cancer this past January. She fought a good fight. She did love her brace… it gave her so much pain free freedom. You guys are the best! Thank you for making her last years good ones! (Via Facebook)

Karen I, submitted 6/1/21
Testimonials 8

Layla came into My Pets Brace walking on 3 legs after tearing her 2nd ACL. We didn’t want to put her through surgery again so we opted for the brace. After 9 months, she was a new dog and has been spunky and playful ever since! 🙂 She just celebrated her 8th birthday last week. (Via Email)

Abby B, submitted 6/1/21

One year after getting a brace for my pup’s ACL injury, I have noticed a big improvement overall in her limping less & being more happier. The staff is always willing to help with any questions over the phone or through zoom. (Via Google)

Amanda K, submitted 5/30/21
Testimonials 9

I love to go camping while sporting my hot pink brace. You should see all of the attention I get! Cassie says Thank you My Pet’s Brace! (Via Facebook)

Lisa S, submitted 5/28/21
Testimonials 10

This is Emmie. She had TPLO surgery when she was 6. It was the hardest recovery ever! When she tore her other one, she was 9 and we didn’t want to put her through that again. I did a lot of research and stumbled upon My Pet’s Brace. I decided to give it a try and was praying for the best. We used the brace as directed and after 9 months we removed it. I am in awe! Emmie has been walking so much better. You would never know she tore it! Just yesterday she started jumping on the couch again. She’s so happy and I’m happy that I made the best decision for us. She didn’t have to suffer through a surgery! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for help. Thanks again for letting me love my girl throughout without having me make the awful decision of surgery! Forever grateful, Michelle. (Via Facebook)

Michelle E, submitted 5/19/21

I just wanted to thank you! The orthotic fits beautifully and as a therapist who works with O&P daily and with patients who have custom orthotics I am so impressed with the quality and detail that was put into this brace. Not to mention your professionalism and expertise! Reggie is up and running around literally I need to stop him. When he stands his hips and spine are in such perfect alignment! No skin breakdown and he is wearing this now up to 8-10 hours/day. Thank you!! (Via Text)

Dana F, submitted 5/5/21

Our family is so pleased with My Pet’s Brace, who gave our 9-year old lab, Savannah, a new lease on life after tearing her CCL. In 3 months, she has gone from not being able to bear weight to walking soundly with the brace, and just now some supervised and conservative play time in the backyard off-leash. While we have another 6 months to go with the brace, I am confident she will be back her pre-injury play and exercise routine. Thank you! (Via Facebook)

Paula F, submitted 4/21/21

Our pupper got her brace 11 months ago and she is like a completely different dog. Energetic, happy, playful, and ready to romp all of the time and even though she has gotten major zoomies without her brace on that have made me absolutely cringe, and even ventured off into the woods after a deer for two hours, brace-less, she has not limped a bit. I am so impressed with how the brace has helped her and I hope you will have the same experience! (Via Facebook)

Gina J, submitted 4/21/21
Testimonials 11

This is Roxanne, better known as Rox or Roxy. We just picked up her brace yesterday and already she’s doing so very well with it. I did my research on braces for damaged CCL’s and I could not be happier with the choice of My Pet’s Brace. Katie who has been working with us is absolutely phenomenal. She has been so great with Rox and she has made sure that I am comfortable handling the brace with Rox. It’s been a long time that I’ve been anywhere that has provided such quality and service.One more thing, Rox is currently battling cancer and with the bad CCL, I just wanted to get her to where she could have some sense of normalcy. Yesterday at your office, with the brace on, was the first time I saw that “Pittie smile and tail wagging” in several weeks. Thank You My Pet’s Brace … We are forever grateful.

Terry M, submitted 4/15/21
Testimonials 12

We had a brace made for our sweet baby, Sally when she tore her CCL. We could not have had more professional and compassionate care. Katie is wonderful! Although I’m sure Sally was in pain, it was obvious how comfortable she was with Katie! We’re truly thankful for the option of her brace because Sally was not a surgical candidate due to cancer and other health conditions. The brace helped her so much and we highly recommend My Pet’s Brace! (Via Facebook)

Kris and Tony H, submitted 4/13/21
Testimonials 13

Bailey is doing so well with his brace, within a week he was putting his foot down to walk again and even when he does not have it on, he walks almost normally again after 10 weeks. Between the brace, PT and acupuncture, we all have the routine down! Thanks to everyone for helping us again since he is a frequent flyer! (Via Facebook

Doreen C, submitted 4/12/21

We brought our Rottie there because he had ACL issues. The best decision we made. Great product, great customer support and great price. (Via Google)

Joann S, submitted 4/11/21
Testimonials 14

Thank you for all you guys do to ensure our dogs get the best brace for their injuries. She has taken to the brace nicely! (Via Facebook)

Jess D, submitted 4/5/21
Testimonials 15

Willow and I can’t thank you enough, Katie, for all of your help!! You seriously are the best! (Via Facebook)

Rianna S, submitted 3/26/21
Testimonials 16

Great experience!! I had my doubts that a brace could help so much but honestly it was a much better recovery than her previous surgery!!! I am so happy you were able to help Emmie and now she walks and runs! Thank you so much for helping us!!!! (Via Facebook)

Michelle E, submitted 3/26/21
Testimonials 17

Sweet IgE loves her brace and now she can keep up with her brother! (Via Facebook)

Sarah S, submitted 3/24/21

This brace was a huge aid when my Rottie partially tore her cruciate. I have recommended it to others simply because it works. (Via Facebook)

Ian H, submitted 3/9/21

Thank you, My Pet’s Brace!! Roman is doing amazing!!!! The brace along with laser treatments from our vet. (Via Facebook)

Lisa M, submitted 3/5/21

Thank you My Pet’s Brace for helping my girl get moving again! It came so fast, less than a week! It’s so light weight and it matches her tail perfectly! (Via Instagram)

Samantha D, submitted 2/15/21

Here is a picture of Bit$y with her brace on. It’s been about a month since she’s had it and we can notice a significant improvement in her mobility. She is eager for her daily walks and at times I have to really restrain her from going too fast or wanting to do more than she is allowed. We can definitely notice her weight distribution when she has it on versus it off. Thank you for helping us. (Via Email)

Gary B, submitted 2/11/21

I am so impressed with your company. Your brace has saved us as we chose conservative management for our lab’s torn CCL vs TPLO surgery. It amazes me that you all did a zoom meeting with me to make sure I was putting the brace on properly. I cannot thank you enough and have referred you to people all over the country. Blessings of thanks! (Via Facebook)

Paula F, submitted 2/5/21

ou made my Sweet Sophie a brace many years ago. She is 11 and doing great! (Via Facebook)

Deborah R, submitted 1/28/21

I wanted to thank you and your staff very much! Throughout this process you have been extremely helpful and I am happy to report Sugar is brace free! She originally had 1 brace then the second came along. But about 6 months after the 2nd we started slowly weaning her. We knew she was getting better because she no longer wanted to be in the stroller. Again thank you. We HIGHLY recommend your company and braces. Have a wonderful year and stay safe! (Via Email)

Melanie R, submitted 1/26/21

Gator is loving his brace! Thank you all!! (Via Instagram)

Tiffany C, submitted 1/15/21

This place is the best they so such a great job! (Via Google)

Desiree N, submitted 1/15/21

I love you guys. Moochie has one more month and is running all over and Bodidlee has got to September but is doing awesome. I really don’t know what I would have done without you guys. It would have cost me 24 thousand dollars for all 3 legs and they probably would not have made the surgery. Thank you so much . Keep up the great work. (Via Facebook)

Charlotte D, submitted 1/12/21

My dog Vador tore both hind a large at different times. Both times we used your braces. He’s now an 11+ year old black lab greying who can still run around and play with no pain!! I thank you for giving him non-surgical options. (Via Facebook)

Carrie T, submitted 12/2020

My 12 year old chihuahua mix. Last year she blew her knee and thanks to My Pet’s Brace, she’s been my hiking buddy this year. She doesn’t even need the brace anymore (fully recovered)! (Via Facebook)

Mike W, submitted 12/2020

Rhett absolutely loves his brace and now doesn’t worry about putting his weight on it. If you show him the brace he just lays down and waits for you to put it on him. He even wore it for our engagement photos! Thanks so much for making Rhett’s life easier! He seems happier and in less pain from his arthritis! (Via Email)

Ashton R, submitted 11/2020

We just recently lost our Akita/Shepard mix, but she had torn her right ACL in 2018 and then tore her left ACL in 2019. The wonderful people at My Pet’s Brace are simply the best. Without them my dog wouldn’t have been able to walk the last two years of her life. (Via Google)

Thomas S, submitted 10/2020

Our 14-year-old Brittany was diagnosed with a torn ACL and we went the traditional route of surgery. No one told us that there is a 60% chance of failure in the other leg. Fast forward 5 years and sure enough, a torn ACL on the other leg. After hours of online research and talking to specialists, we decided to opt for your brace. After 8 months of daily wear, we needed a new Velcro strap, which you sent, free of charge. Gradually we weaned her off the brace, and today she is brace free. This summer we took her out on the boat for the first time in 2 years. She will now run with our other ABR rescue, Dakota, and keeps up with him. We cannot thank you enough!

Chris D, submitted 10/2020

The great product is only exceeded by the incredible people and service! WOW!! (Via Facebook)

Karen D, submitted 09/2020

The great product is only exceeded by the incredible people and service! WOW!! (Via Facebook)

Karen D, submitted 09/2020

Took my pug to get fitted for a leg brace today. the staff couldn’t have been more pleasant and accommodating. the casting took about 15 minutes and we were all done. (Via Facebook)

Becky R, submitted 07/2020

We 100% recommend My Pet’s Brace! Our Willow partially tore her ACL at just a year old and we were told she would need a $4000 surgery. Thankfully our vet told us about this alternative option, which not only was cheaper- but way more suited to our lifestyle. From our first visit we felt right at home. The care and time they took with Willow and evaluating her, making her brace, then even readjusting it to fit her perfectly was amazing. They treated her as an individual and she is doing so much better now. It has been about a year and she no longer wears her brace unless we are going on a very long walk or strenuous hike. She runs around like her old self and we are so thankful to My Pet’s Brace for this! Thank you! (Via Facebook)

Sara B, submitted 07/2020

My 10 year old boy tore his CCL. I went for the brace vs the surgery. this place is great. I drove 2 hours to get my boy here and it was worth the trip. The people here really know what they are doing and are really nice. I would suggest to anyone considering surgery to try this first. its only been 3 weeks and I’m seeing improvement. Thank you Amy for taking such good care of Buster. (Via Facebook)

Doreen S, submitted 06/2020

We want to thank you for providing our boy Bentley with his Brace back in October 2018; its been 1.5 years since he’s been wearing it and yesterday, we hung it up for the last time. Bentley passed yesterday at 11.5 years…115 pound black lab/golden mix, Bentley was one great guy…we loved him so much…and we know how much the Brace made a difference in his life, he never gave us any trouble with wearing the brace after tearing his ACL…actually we saw a huge improvement in his demure. You changed his life forever when we picked up the brace in October 2018…thank you so much for sharing your love for animals with our boy Bentley. (Via Facebook)

Roberta K, submitted 05/2020

I have to admit the do not often write reviews only if I am mega happy or mega annoyed. But I have been absolutely amazed with a chat service to this company. I live in Scotland and my dog is limping for the past 2 month, vet and the specialist saying ‘suspected partial CCL’, they only done xrays but due Covid19 they are not doing anything else as this not classifies urgent. I am totally off my head as to me my dog being in pain is urgent. I started to look into the subject and on the net braces are widely supported instead of surgery. I uploaded some videos to YouTube and the team had a look and they said that my dog still walking nicely enough no need for a brace as yet. They chatted to me for 90 minutes. Listening me explaining situation, asking question and I was not pressured to buy a brace as they were thinking after reviewing my video that this case does not need it yet. I will get an MRI done once Covid19 is over and vet reopens to non-urgent cases and if it brace needed I will definitely order it from this company. As customer service which I experience today is absolutely amazing and outstanding. I am sure most place will just tried to pushing me into buying a brace. Thank you My Pet’s Brace. (Via Google)

Katie, submitted 04/2020

This saved us thousands of dollars on surgery and after wearing it for nearly a year, she was 100% healed and has never had another injury or setback. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Your staff was amazing for the entire process. And the brace quickly helped my dog gain back her muscle tone so she could get back to her activities. It was a great alternative to surgery and we were pleased with the quick results. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Your product has great quality and is well made. The staff at My Pet’s Brace was very professional and helpful through the entire process! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

You saved our little guy from having surgery and we are extremely grateful!! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

You guys were wonderful – we appreciate your commitment to ensuring our dog’s brace fit and any part that needed replacing was done so in a timely fashion so we would avoid interruption in his wearing of the brace. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

You guys were perfect. I was so worried when I first came to you, looking for hope. You were patient and gave me a detailed understanding of everything. The best part is everything worked just as you said it would. It’s been several years later and we go walking, enjoying outdoor activities all the time. We still have our brace just in case we have long walks but everything worked out. Thanks. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

You guys were EXCELLENT!! Fantastic customer service, and you made it as easy as possible. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

You guys rock! Great job all around. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

You guys are great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Wonderful experience and wonderful alternative to surgery. I felt there was a 100% recovery with the use of the brace and it was so easy on my dog and on me. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

With my dogs first CCL injury we did a course of laser therapy and decided to do a brace as well. Our technician Amy was wonderful. She explained everything in detail and layman’s terms that were easy to understand. The brace fit extremely well and we had no issues at all. I would recommend My Pet’s Brace to anyone desiring to do conservative management. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We’re so grateful that we found you guys. It was a great experience all around and Maggie’s back to her old self happy and playing. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We would highly recommend this brace and company. We have to our friends and our vet was impressed. Also our dog is still walking but he is 14 and now his hips are bad. But we could not have surgery for him and this was the best, thank you for the extra years we have with him. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We will be forever grateful to have found this option for healing our dog without surgery. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We were very happy with the fitting and follow up of the brace and it allowed Molly to be mobile even with severe arthritis. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We were very glad for the excellent care and expertise at My Pet’s Brace. The custom fit and high quality brace made it possible for our pet to heal and have a great outcome without the need for surgery. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We used the brace regularly for about a year, along with some ligament repair supplements (Ligaplex), and he seems to have possibly fully recovered. He has not had a limp or favored not putting weight on it for almost a year now. Now we only put the brace on for strenuous activity. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We love your braces and the people who work there. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We love everything about this company! We had two dogs that used a brace from My Pet’s Brace for ACL injuries, and we couldn’t have been happier with the experience…both times! The staff are always very helpful, kind, and caring. When a piece of the strap was chewed off, they immediately sent us a replacement in the mail…more than once! And even better, both of our dogs no longer need the brace and have recovered nicely. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We have been very pleased with the service at My Pet’s Brace and have referred numerous people to research the knee brace versus surgery. We have had two dogs that have torn both rear legs and have used the brace with excellent results. We will never do surgery again! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We had considered surgery, but we knew our dog would not be a good post operative patient and we could not keep him still. The brace allowed us to avoid surgery and still have a favorable outcome. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We had a very good experience and have recommended My Pet’s Brace to a few pet owners with similar problems. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We consider ourselves and our dog lucky to have found My Pet’s Brace. We regularly recommend the company and it’s products to everyone who asks about them as we do our daily walks. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We are very pleased with everything associated with My Pet’s Brace. The brace is doing its job, customer service is phenomenal, and I do not hesitate to recommend your service/product to anyone. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We are so thankful that we found My Pet’s Brace and that it was an alternative to surgery. The injury healed naturally. We have recommended the brace and My Pet’s Brace numerous times. Now if we could just fix her hip. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We are so happy we did our research and went with My Pet’s Brace. Bailey is a happy energetic 4 year old lab, and the way she runs and plays you would never have guessed she had a torn CCL. I was told by many people that the brace won’t work for big dogs, and it did. I am so happy and will continue to refer anyone that’s dog has had the same injury. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We are so happy that we took this route over surgery and the results were as successful as they were. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

We are so happy that our vet referred us to you. Our older dog has been 100% fine since wearing the brace. It was the best decision we made regarding his injury. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Very satisfied! You helped our dog recover and avoid surgery! THANK YOU! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Very satisfied with both the product and the company! Will definitely recommend them to anyone with pets in need. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Very satisfied with both the product and the company! Will definitely recommend them to anyone with pets in need. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Very friendly. Very accommodating. The braces offered a sensible and effective alternative to surgery. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Two years prior to the injury that sent me online looking for a custom-made brace manufacturer for my dog’s right leg, my dog injured his left knee. He had implant surgery with metal screws affixed directly into his bones and secured with a hinge. When he injured the right knee later, I did not want to put him through the surgery and months of recovery again and my (now new) vet agreed his health was not up to it. I found your company and he lived out the rest of his life with your brace for support when needed after the initial several months that it was worn. The implant turned out to have failed possibly a year or two prior to his passing. I without a doubt would never put another dog of mine through another surgery like that but would immediately come to your company for a brace. Thank you so much for being there, even though you are in the US, you were still there for us both when we needed you. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

This was the first for my vet and I think he was skeptical at first. After seeing Abby walk with the brace he was very impressed. I know my last visit I was told that he had referred over 10 others because it was a better option than surgery. I am glad I could help others by trying this for my dog and having such good results. Thank you. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I had two dogs that I had braces made for. One was a ACL tear which I was told required surgical intervention for her ever to walk again. The other was an elbow degenerative issue that acted up from time to time. In both instances, the brace allowed the leg to heal and within time they both did not need the brace past the healing stage. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Best money I ever spent. Jim and his team which I believe was Morgantown, PA were amazing and accurate in their creations. They worked with one of my most difficult dogs to help insure the fit would be perfect. I’m most grateful to My Pet’s Brace. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

This is the 2nd dog we had braced and both were successful. I have sent several folks there to get fitted and will continue to do so. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

This is a great company! The brace is great idea because it allows dog to stay active, especially when they enjoy walking. Felt that by having the support & continuing to use the leg allowed dog to heal better. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

This experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve already recommended this company to a few of our friends. Keep up the great work!! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

This company is wonderful to work with. Our dog was 14 when she tore her ACL. We chose the brace because we heard that they easily tear the other one during rehab after surgery. My Pet’s Brace custom made her brace & showed us exactly how to put it on correctly so that it would not rub her skin. We went back for recheck occasionally until Bree no longer needed the brace. It was worth the money. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

This brace was great. My lab was 8 years old and very mellow. We did limit long walks. My lab is 12 years old and can still jump into my SUV and take short walks (now has liver issue). However after the brace she was able to go on long walks and even ran in the snow during our ski trips. I felt this was a much better solution then surgery where they break the leg and then they have a high percentage of tearing the opposite ACL. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

They were wonderful to work with before, during and after Ellie was fitted for her brace. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

They saved my dog from going thru 2 horrible surgeries. We are so grateful! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The staff was wonderful and this was a great solution for my dog. I have recommended multiple pet owners to the Morgantown facility. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The product and company are amazing and saved my senior dog from surgery. She is very happy and never needed surgery! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The knee braces have been a game changer for Redd. She’s doing great. People always ask about them & I’ve recommended you guys to everyone. Most people either didn’t know it was an option or wish they did the braces instead of the surgery. Everyone was absolutely fantastic at the Morgantown location both times. The first guy (can’t remember name) was especially good- patient, kind & knowledgeable. We couldn’t be happier. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The knee braces for my dog were a saving grace. My dog was able to avoid the pain/recovery of surgery and is walking very well and without pain. I am incredibly grateful to My Pet’s Brace for helping my dog with his injury and recovery. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The knee brace was a great alternative to surgery. The company did a great job supplying information about the brace. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The knee brace really helped with the long healing process and made more movement possible. Definitely great product and eventually let my dog heal completely that he no longer needed brace and went back to walking /trotting like his usual self. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The first dog I had who had an ACL injury had surgery and developed acute arthritis that ultimately resulted in his inability to walk. Two subsequent dogs who also had ACL injuries received a brace and never developed such debilitating arthritis. Once my vet and I figured out the best way to make the form, I was very happy with the braces and the results. Thank you!! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The Doctor and staff were very nice and patient. It was amazing to watch how they fitted my dog with a brace. I highly recommend My Pet’s Brace in Morgantown, PA. My dog reacted well with the brace. Six-seven months later he did not have to wear it. We took it off when he slept at night. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The care and concern Willy and I received were amazing. I will never ever forget the experience and we would have had to put Willy to sleep much sooner if it wasn’t for My Pet’s Brace. You are all amazing! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace was the best option for Alec. He continued to be very active, except no ball. Clayton, fitted the brace and was so patient with us. Cannot say enough about him, made the entire experience so calming for us and the dog. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace was perfect for my dog since he was not a candidate for surgery. Coupled with therapy, the brace helped him heal and recover. Very professional staff and durable product. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace was great. Our dog did not have any discomfort wearing it, and did not try to chew it. We were able to avoid even thinking about surgery! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace was fantastic and let him walk for a period of time when he wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace was a wonderful alternative to surgery & allowed my dog to return to a normal, happy life. Thank you! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace was a great alternative to surgery. Everyone was very helpful and friendly which made a stressful situation easier to deal with. I was very happy with the whole process. Thank you! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace truly helped our old dog avoid surgery and allowed her to get around for the last few years of her life. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace saved her leg. These people know what they are doing. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace is very durable, easy to put on and the fit was perfect. The staff were very thorough and accommodating during our appointment. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The brace did a great job. We would take her to the river and let her swim with the brace on, and although it took a year or so, she healed completely. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

The best to work with. They extended Colt’s life by 1.5 years. I am so very grateful to Clayton and the staff. When I notified them of Colt’s passing, they had a tree planted in his name and sent a beautiful card. I am so thankful that I went this route with Colt’s injuries. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Thank you for the work you do to provide an alternative to surgery! The brace has enhanced Chulo’s quality of life and we couldn’t be happier we had his option for him. THANK YOU!!!! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff!! They took the time to ensure my dog was fitted properly, provided answers to all my questions. The knee brace has been extremely durable. Super happy customer. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

So very pleased with the services, Clayton who was our fitting specialist was wonderful. The results were that Bella healed and did not need surgery !! We have recommended My Pet’s Brace to several of our friends. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

So very happy that I found My Pet’s Brace! My Ziva(dog) had a much easier healing thanks to the braces. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

So thankful for a non invasive solution for our pet’s injury! I recommend to all who ask us how it helped our pet. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

So happy I chose this. Due to size and personality / psychological issues, my dog was not a candidate for surgery. The brace combined with swimming really helped him. Most of the time you can’t tell he had a problem. He’s 11 now and like me is a bit stiff when he first gets up, but it works out in a couple steps. He’s back to normal, but I do try to limit jumping. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

So grateful that Murphy did not need to have surgery to repair his ACL. A few years earlier he did have surgery on his other ACL and the recovery was really tough. The brace worked beautifully and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ve recommended you to numerous other dog owners. Thank you! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Our dog is completely healed from her ACL injury! We are so pleased with her experience at My Pet’s Brace. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

No words can truly express my feelings for everything that My Pet’s Brace does for all the fur-family members. A big Thank You to all the staff members of My Pet’s Brace!!! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Nice facility, nice caring people. Very thorough. My dog looked like a bad a** wearing the brace 🙂 lots of positive comments from people. My vet was also very impressed with the quality of the brace & my dog’s progress. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Myself and our clients love your company and the service provided. We suggest your company to many of our clients. Thanks for all you do. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My Pet’s Brace was truly a lifesaver for our dog! He was 7 years old when he got his custom brace. Once he was healed, it was as if the injury never happened. Our Max lived another healthy five years and never re-injured his leg. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My Pet’s Brace was one of the best experiences I have ever had from a specialty vet care facility for my pet. I am amazed how well it worked and repaired my dogs ACL tear! Thank you! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My Pet’s Brace was extremely helpful, and compassionate throughout the process. They addressed all of my concerns and questions. I recommend them to anyone I know that has a fur baby with an aliment that can be corrected with a brace before opting for surgery. I still have both braces, and they are both in excellent condition. At no time did my pup experience any sores from the braces, and she was able to move comfortably while wearing them. Shayla is now 11 years old and still enjoys hiking, kayaking and swimming, and she is able to do all of this without her braces. I will always try every available option over surgery, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you My Pet’s Brace! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My Pet’s Brace is truly a blessing. Using the brace to heal our dog’s ACL injury was a wonderful alternative to surgery. All of our interactions with the staff at My Pet’s Brace were very positive. It is obvious that the staff truly cares about the animals they serve and the owners who love their dogs. My Pet’s Brace is a terrific alternative to surgery. We have referred several friends to My Pet’s Brace and will do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My Pet’s Brace gave my dog an extra year of life when she had her injury. The original hospital told me to put her down. We were heartbroken of course, but then our neighbors told us about My Pet’s Brace. We went there and like I said we got to enjoy another year with our dog and it was because of My Pet’s Brace. She was active she can go anywhere. It was a godsend and we thank you truly for that. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My Pet’s Brace and their braces are life savers. No surgery, 2 preventative braces for life and smooth recoveries. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My dog is older so this was a great resource to have as well as not feeling the pressure to intervene surgically. I would definitely consider this an option for any future pets. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

My dog has made a complete recovery, I am very satisfied. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Knee brace was wonderful. She irritated her CCL awhile after not wearing the brace and was able to use the brace then when running and playing until fully healed again. My Pet’s Brace was very helpful and always accommodating. Highly recommend them and highly recommend the brace over surgery!!!!!!!!!! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Just want to thank you guys. Carson is healed, he can run, jump and has a wonderful life. Thanks again. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

It was sincerely the best decision we ever made for our dog, Scooby! He injured both hind legs from jumping out of the back of the car to go to one of his vet appointments. The vet said he would never walk or do a thing on his own again & suggested quite a few times we put him to sleep . MY PET’S BRACE LITERALLY SAVED HIS LIFE !!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t about to give up on my dog ..MY PET’S BRACE .. perfect for him for both leg braces & after a few months he was walking on his own .. you don?EUR(TM)t understand.. he COULDN’T WALK OR PUT ANY KIND OF PRESSURE ON HIS LEGS. MY PET’S BRACE GAVE HIM HIS INDEPENDENCE BACK. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I would recommend them to any one and every one who would need their services. Excellent product, excellent staff and customer service. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I recommend you to everyone. Your folks were fantastic through the entire process. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I recommend the brace to everyone. The brace let our dog be herself through the entire healing period. She loves to swim and she could do that wearing the brace. No down time. Fantastic. Both of her legs healed up beautifully. She is back to her old self. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I purchased a My Pet’s Brace brace for my sweet pup’s third ACL tear, as I couldn’t bear to put her through yet another surgery. Thanks to this brace, Bella was able to not only avoid surgery, but also able to get back to running in the woods and to playing in the back yard so much faster. She is now brace and limp free, thank you all so much! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I have, and will continue to recommend the knee brace and My Pet’s Brace company. We had a very positive experience with both and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I have recommended My Pet’s Brace to many people. It has helped my dog tremendously and your customer service is excellent. We are very grateful you! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about My Pet’s Brace. I have even spread the word to my two friends who are both vet’s and work out of Knoxville. Our little guy unfortunately passed away November 2019, but having the brace helped him heal the other main stress in his life for the remainder of his time with us. We have nothing but gratitude. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

I felt that everyone at My Pet’s Brace had my dog’s best interest at heart. They were very kind and gentle. They explained what we could expect and how to have him adjust to the brace. My dog was older when he tore his CCL, and my vet recommended the brace as opposed to surgery. I’m not sure what the outcome would have been with the surgery, but having gone through it once before on his other hind leg, I recall the surgery was very painful for him and it was a long recovery period. I recommend your company and the brace to anyone who mentions that their dog has a CCL injury and they are looking for options. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Awesome staff, gave us all info we needed and then some. They were exceptional with our dog who is testy when meeting new people. I will recommend them to anyone that wants to try a surgical free option. thank you My Pet’s Brace. (Via Facebook)

David F, submitted 02/2020

Great experience. Our dog recovered without surgery! We have recommended your company to a friend and her dog has also benefited from his brace. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Getting a brace for our pup Molly was the best decision, we are so happy she did not have surgery!!! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Excellent service. Great product. Spared our dog from having to have surgery. Healed perfectly with the use of the brace for 9 months. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Excellent company. Quality fit and follow up. Very courteous and friendly and genuinely concerned for well being of dog. I was impressed with the quality of the brace and would recommend. In fact, I already have. Thank you for assisting the complete healing of my beloved pet dog. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Everyone was extremely nice and very knowledgeable. They made us feel comfortable with the idea of the brace. Our dog quickly adapted to it. After wearing it for 10 months she is good to go. We did not want to put her under the knife to know it might not be a total success. Plus our vet recommended that after the surgery we crate her for six months. How can you do that to any dog none the less a lab. The brace was the most humane way to remedy her problem. We are eternally grateful to My Pet’s Brace. We highly recommend them to everyone we meet. (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Caring, understanding, patient and not pushy at all. so happy with our choices (Via Facebook)

Pat O, submitted 02/2020

My dane/lab mix tore his ACL after slipping on ice and on top of the pain, he lost much of his stability. His leg would shake vigorously when putting any weight on it. My vet suggested a leg brace and that’s how I found My Pet’s Brace. I was discouraged and hesitant, but the people I worked with at My Pet’s Brace were extremely helpful, comforting and knowledgeable, which was extremely important especially since they are located across the country (I am in Colorado). My dog wore his brace during every walk and every time he went outside for only about 3 months before we stopped putting it on him. That was over a year ago that he stopped wearing his brace and the shaking has stopped, the pain has stopped completely. This brace was the healing component of his injury and he and I couldn’t be happier!

Jenna W, submitted 02/2020

We have been very pleased with the service at My Pet’s Brace and have referred numerous people to research the knee brace versus surgery. We have had two dogs that have torn both rear legs and have used the brace with excellent results. We will never do surgery again! (Via Survey)

Submitted Via Survey, submitted 02/2020

Best thing ever and now my vet recommends also! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 02/2020

We are so happy that we took this route over surgery and the results were as successful as they were. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 02/2020

Sabrina’s brace was a God send. She was too old for surgery and she walked for three more years. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 02/2020

My Pet’s Brace is an excellent company to work with, after having a horrible experience with another brace company we found My Pet’s Brace and they made an excellent brace for our dog’s ACL tear and we couldn’t be happier with the results! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 02/2020

Very helpful company! Appreciated the note and tree planting in his name after a Scout passed. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 02/2020

Very happy with service and quality. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 02/2020

Everyone was fantastic! They did a rush to accommodation as we drove from upstate NY. They also helped with replacement rubber parts as our dog wore his out. This was the best plan for us and it worked. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 02/2020

The facility is neat & organized, the staff is friendly & helpful and their products are warrantied, sturdy and a great alternative method for surgery. For one custom ACL brace & all follow up appointments, my fee was $800 (depending on your brace design, it could be more) which comes in less then some other vet bracing companies. The fee was based on my dogs weight; if he weighed more, the price increases. I’ve seen improvement with my dog since his bracing. I would highly recommend this place. (Via Google)

Piercey, submitted 01/2020

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a clean and inviting environment! Corrine was awesome with our bulldog Kimber, even though she kept getting the stink eye from her! She answered any questions and concerns we had and took extra time to make sure Kimbers brace fit her chunky little bulldog body just right! Keeping our fingers crossed it works for her. Thanks Corrine! (Via Facebook)

Mandy G, submitted 01/2020

Wonderful atmosphere and great staff. (Via Facebook)

Anthony C, submitted 01/2020

Very professional staff. The brace put on my pit has him healing and walking about instantly after his CCL injury. After a lot of research we decided to not go with surgery, because braces have a higher overall success rate. The staff was able to take an exact cast measurement and make custom alterations on the spot. If a brace isn’t an exact custom fit they will not work, please keep this in mind before ordering a brace online. Make the drive to Pittsburgh and do it right the first time! (Via Google)

Raphael G, submitted 12/2019

Great staff.. very patient and understanding ..its comforting to know she is in good hands ..the quality of the product is 100% top..highly recommended. (Via Facebook)

Maelo D, submitted 12/2019

My friend just picked up her dog’s brace today. He is already walking so much better with the brace. The staff was professional , courteous, caring and gentle. She is so happy that her senior fur baby will be able to avoid a costly surgery and very long recovery. Please do yourself and your pet a favor and consult with them before surgery. (Via Facebook)

Victoria K, submitted 12/2019

We cannot thank the caring and knowledgeable staff enough for helping our little guy! He tore his ACL and we could not believe that a painful surgery and 3 months recovery in a crate was his only option! After scouring the Internet for a whole weekend, we found this much more of a realistic alternative. It’s going to allow him to heal on his own and not have much of a restricted activity level, along with being near to pain free! He was able to walk immediately after getting his brace on. Worth the drive and cost. Thank you so much! (Via Facebook)

Jane P, submitted 12/2019

Can’t say enough positive things about them. I was beside myself when my 9 yr old mastiff was diagnosed with a ruptured ccl with 2 vets telling me there were no alternatives and surgery was my only option…. Thankfully I stumbled upon My Pet’s Brace who have provided comfort and support from my initial call. They explained more to me than my own vet, putting me at ease with my decision to prolong the extensive and painful surgery …Thank you! (Via Facebook)

Pamela P, submitted 11/2019

Pearl, 11 year old, completely tore her right ACL Thanksgiving 2018 weekend. She would not place any weight on her leg, taking to our primary vet, not anymore, and then emergency vet, the only recommendation they provided was surgery. Never being in cage or surgery, we did not want to place the stress on her. Our vet would not cast or take measurements as they did not believe in bracing. MPB talked us through all. Brace arrived beginning of February (as we were weighing all options) and when we placed the brace on was the first time she placed weight on that leg. She wore brace for 5 months and now only when we go hiking or hit river. She is back to protecting our property from squirrels. Words can’t describe how fortunate we are that you gave Pearl her life back without Surgery or cage time.

William Gaspar, PE, submitted 12/2019

Hi, my name is Dave B. I have a very large dog who tore his ACL. The brace absolutely worked. As of today he is 98% healed. Taking off brace for good end of December. My wife and I are so pleased with the outcome. Highly recommend using this company. Much better than if we would have got him surgery. Give them a try, they are wonderful.

David B, submitted 11/2019

Our yellow lab, Gulliver, tore his ACL. Our veterinarian recommended surgery. Having heard of My Pet’s Brace from a friend, I discussed the brace option with the surgeon. He was very open minded about this alternative. I couldn’t be happier with how Gullivers leg has healed! Every indication in his walking and running is that his leg is as good as it was before the injury.

Mike, submitted 11/2019

Even though they could not fit my dog for a brace because of his short thigh structure, they were the most compassionate group of people I have met in a long time. They took the time to explain everything to us in great detail. Three techs reviewed our situation and spent about an hour overall with us. They never charged us even an office visit fee. Nor would they accept a donation. Truly dedicated people. (Via Facebook)

Cheryl R, submitted 10/2019

My Pet’s Brace has the best customer service! The brace is amazing. My German Shepherd dog is showing amazing recovery with this brace. Surgery would have been so much harder on him and maybe not even successful due to the requirements of long term crate as fallow up and his temperament. He can heal and be part of the family with assistance of the brace in getting around safely. My vet would not help in anyway with this choice and My Brace was there for me all the way in doing it myself. Please share this option with all pet loving people.

Tacy, submitted 11/2019

Thank God for this place. It was just what I was looking for to help my dog without painful and invasive surgery. (Via Facebook)

Donna L, submitted 10/2019

I would absolutely recommend My Pet’s Brace. The staff were absolutely wonderful to me and my furbaby. I have been in an absolute panic for the last 72hrs, and they set my mind at ease. Brat and I thank you very much. (Via Facebook)

Melinda C, submitted 10/2019

After my girl tore her CCL I was distraught. I went back and forth a hundred times about getting her a brace, but I’m so glad I did! it’s well worth the money, it has helped my girl tremendously. The ladies at MPB are wonderful! Kind, compassionate and knowledgeable with a love for animals, they put up with all of my questions and frantic phone calls. (Via Facebook)

Tracy K, submitted 09/2019

Everyone was so friendly and full of knowledge. (Via Facebook)

Wendy L, submitted 08/2019

Hi! I got Charlie a knee brace a month ago and she is doing GREAT with it! For the first time in almost a year she CAN NOW go on walks without stopping!!! Now she can even go up and down stairs with it on!(supervised)!!! I want to send a special THANK YOU to Katie Mirobelli (Pittsburgh office) and her assistant (sorry I forget her name)!!!! They did an outstanding job CUSTOM fitting her brace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were caring, patient, and very informative!!!!!!!!!!! We thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Peru B, submitted 08/2019

This is truly a great alternative to traditional surgical correction, especially for dogs that are not ideal surgical candidates. Everyone that I’ve sent to My Pet’s Brace has been extremely satisfied, and I am definitely seeing improvement in dogs of varying sizes and degrees of compromise.

Dr. Robert Billman, DVM , submitted 08/2019

We are so fortunate that our veterinarian, Dr. MacAlonan, recommended this place. We drove 4 hours to meet with them. Once we decided to go through with the brace, the fitting, casting and placement appointments we’re fantastic. The people we’re friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. We are so happy to give our dog, Hubbles, an alternative to surgery! I highly recommend this place! (Via Google)

Cassandra R, submitted 07/2019

Everyone here is wonderful! Clayton has been magnificent! (Via Facebook)

Laura D, submitted 07/2019

We love My Pet’s Brace! They take such great care of Sparkie from making the cast for his brace and making the brace for his left rear leg. They are so gentle and top notch with our Sparkie. So happy they could help our Beagle get back to being able to walk better and even run. I would highly recommend them to anyone whose pet can’t go through a surgery to repair injury. (Via Facebook)

Peggy F, submitted 07/2019

So, after a new vet told us the only option for our dogs ACL tear was surgery, my lifelong vet (who is the most amazing person ever and I miss so much), told us about My Pet’s Brace. We are so excited that we are finally on the road to recovery – without surgery and spending thousands of dollars! Very friendly staff, they were excellent with Hubbles, very thorough appointments! I highly recommend this place! (Via Facebook)

Cassandra R, submitted 07/2019

Great, caring, saved my dog from painful surgery, and me from a big expense. They truly care and are doing a wonderful thing for animals. I highly recommend them. (Via Facebook)

John S, submitted 06/2019

Winston has anesthesia allergy so surgery wasn’t an option for him. We took him to My Pet’s Brace for a CCL tear. After wearing the brace for the recommended time, I’m happy to say he is fully healed…no invasive surgery, less risk of re-injuring the tear, and at a third of the cost of surgery! The staff was knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate. I would recommend a brace over surgery any day and I’d certainly suggest My Pet’s Brace to help a dog through that journey. (Via Facebook)

Eileen F, submitted 06/2019

I drove from Wrightstowns to Morganstown. I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff. I would definitely recommend My Pets Brace to any customer who’s pet needs a prosthetic or brace… thank you My Pet’s Brace!!! (Via Facebook)

Nanci M, submitted 05/2019

Over joyed with this option for my dog … she doesn’t know she’s hurt and living a normal life!!! (Via Facebook)

Christine R, submitted 05/2019

My Pet’s Brace allowed our English Mastiff, Murphie, the ability to walk and run again. She began limping the beginning of August 2018 and after some trips to the vet and multiple opinions, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Thankfully, we caught it early and the new Pittsburgh location had just opened it’s doors when we were looking for something so she could have use of her front right leg again. Without her brace, she would not have been able to have the quality of life she’s been able to have the last 8 months. The tumor continues to grow every week and we’re thankful she’s fought this long and that My Pet’s Brace was able to help her so much. We’ll be forever grateful for the extra time with her and will recommend My Pet’s Brace to anyone in need of its services and quality of care. Thank you so much for everything! (Via Google)

Alanna E, submitted 01/2019

What a wonderful group of people! They are genuinely in it for all the right reasons! Thomas is ready to wear his new red brace!! (Via Facebook)

Tammy A, submitted 04/2019

I am key holder for Dollar General and a elderly man came in one day and was purchasing same kind of treats that I buy for my girl Star and him and I started chatting. I told him Star had to have surgery as she tore her ACL/CCL and he begged me to call Bill. So I did and we took Star to Knoxville and Bill fitted her for her brace. We got the brace back in two weeks. Star is doing great with her brace. If you experience this problem with your pet/child please contact Bill @ My Pet’s Brace. He is amazing thanks Bill for all you have done so far for Star! (Via Facebook)

Sheila H, submitted 04/2019

My Pet’s Brace renewed an old dogs spirit for life. Bigby is almost 11, blind with some light perception, diabetic and intolerant to pain medicines. surgery was risky due to his age and health. He stopped moving until it was dinner time, even then we had to help him up. He couldn’t even use the bathroom without pain. His stifle brace showed results within a day and he’s able to move around now without a harness. his winter years deserved to be pain free and I truly believe this brace will extend his life and prevent unneeded anguish. (Via Facebook)

Eric N, submitted 04/2019

My Chloe Charlotte dog has had her brace for three weeks and is doing very well. Her torn ACL is healing and she is able to bear weight on her leg. Dr. Bill truly cares about pets and his knowledge of their anatomy and his product is obvious from the first phone call, through the casting of the brace, and on to fitting of the final brace. I highly recommend him and this product. (Via Facebook)

Karen F, submitted 03/2019

The brace is a wonderful option for injured dogs. The people are caring and wonderful with the dogs. They are giving me another chance to help my dog. (Via Facebook)

Ellen H, submitted 01/2019

Bella, my Afghan Hound-Anatolian Shepard I brought back from Afghanistan, has permanent nerve damage in her right hind leg from being hit by a car. Jim really came through with a brace that set her lower leg so it didn’t drag. When he saw that the leg still twisted he went above and beyond and developed an upper leg brace connected to the lower brace with a hinge to keep her leg in alignment. And he didn’t charge me anything extra for it. Bella can run now and has a better quality of life than she otherwise would have had. Jim is a thorough professional who doesn’t stop until the job is done right. All the people I’ve encountered at My Pet’s Brace have been friendly and courteous. I’d definitely recommend them.

John C. Neubaum, Capt, USAF (Ret.), submitted 01/2019

We are so happy with our dog’s outcome from wearing his brace. Amy took great care of Rex and answered all of out questions. His CCL tear is almost healed and his Brace has helped him to go on walks and move around the house without much trouble. His limp is gone and we will be weaning him off of the brace in a few months. We are very happy with his progress. Thank you Amy for all of your help answering our questions and fitting and checking Rex’s brace at each visit. (Via Survey)

Lisa W, submitted 12/2018

Facility was nicely appointed, clean and roomy. Staff was so nice and communicated clearly. Highly recommend if your dog ever needs orthotics or prosthetics! (Via Facebook)

Karen T, submitted 11/2018

Our family is so glad to have found My Pet’s Brace and Dr. Bill. He made it possible for our sweet Miramanee to be a dog and have a good life. We highly recommend this business. (Via Google)

Becky S, submitted 10/2018

My dog injured his CCL and we did not want to do surgery! A friend told me about the success that her dog had with his brace. I bit the bullet and decided to make an appointment at My Pet’s Brace and I’m so glad I did! The staff was beyond friendly and accommodating. We were in and out in a timely manner and they even allowed me to bring my other dog in (we were traveling from out of state). I highly recommend My Pet’s Brace to anyone who wants an alternative to surgery. Thank you to the staff at my pets brace for giving me my boy back! (Via Facebook)

Krystina K, submitted 11/2018

I highly recommend My Pet’s Brace. Minnie is 11.5 years old & when she had torn her back leg ACL in June, the vet did not want to do surgery as long as she wasn’t holding up her back leg & not using it, which she never did. Also her age was a risk factor. We opted to go to My Pet’s Brace on an recommendation where my daughter works that one of her co-workers had used this service for their dog. So at first we were not sure of what to do & then we finally decided on My Pet’s Brace. Minnie is no longer limping & is doing quite well on this procedure. She has to wear her leg brace for at least 9 months. We are very happy with her results with this.

The Shutters, submitted 11/2018

Degreed in orthotics and prosthetics, I knew this was the best avenue to get Spring back up and on the lake again. Thank you folks.

B.R.Mackey, submitted 10/2018

The brace was a great option for an older dog with minor health issues where surgery was risky. She is back to 100% with wearing the brace and her vet is pleased with her recovery. (Via Survey)

Donna W, submitted 10/2018

Words can’t express how thankful we were to find out about My Pet’s Brace. Clayton helped our Koa walk last year with his custom hock brace. Sadly, Koa crossed the Rainbow Bridge this August. We received a wonderful sympathy card signed by all the staff and then a few days later received a second card that a donation was made to the Arbor Day Foundation in Koa’s memory and a tree will be planted in Custer Gallatin National Forest in his memory. Thank you all so much! (Via Facebook)

Cristi B, submitted 09/2018

This is a dual review really, 5 stars go to both locations since I don’t see a spot on Google maps yet for the Knoxville location, but if you’re anywhere near Morgantown, PA or Knoxville, TN (even over 3 hours away) with a special needs pet, you NEED to visit these guys, you won’t regret it. We got in contact with Bill at My Pet’s Brace in Knoxville because of our love of the crew at My Pet’s Brace in Morgantown, PA. Bill put us at ease and was able to talk to us and the people in PA to learn about our Pug Philomena’s journey so far. The love, care, and attention to detail were at the level we expect from My Pet’s Brace, and Bill had gone even further above that in the attention to detail to make sure we got Philomena’s new brace right. From the casting to the fitting, we were so happy to have his expertise to get the fitting and comfort right for our dog. We happily drove the 3+ hours to go, because of the level of detail and the hands on expertise that is used is worth traveling any distance. The follow up care, and continuing monitoring they do with you and your dog over the months to come, are top tier. If your pet has any sort of debilitating injury to their limbs, you need to give My Pet’s Brace a chance, they literally have given our pug a second chance on a normal life. (Via Google)

Stefan G, submitted 08/2018

Thanks to Clayton and the rest of the friendly staff here, Ziggy has had great success building strength back in his leg with his brace after his injury. We highly recommend them! (Via Facebook)

Natalie R, submitted 09/2018

Blaze is a sweet 13-year old Goldendoodle who lives in Queens, NY. Recently, he experienced a tear in his rear left CCL. He tried to get around for a few days, then became very depressed. He stopped walking around the house, refused his food and wouldn’t go outside to relieve himself. My dad built him a custom ramp overnight to get him outside, but he could no longer go on walks and his quality of life deteriorated very quickly. About a week ago, he chewed most of the fur off of his bottom and he seemed to be giving up. Blaze was totally shutting down,and we were so worried about him. We took him immediately for the measurements made for a knee brace from My Pet’s Brace and had it expedited. I put a note in the box asking for it to be sent as quickly as possible and we had it within two days. Fast forward to one week later – Blaze is walking, eating and going outside again. He wags his tail and asks for belly rubs. He is happy and loving life. He went to a BBQ this past weekend with four other dogs and had a blast. My Pet’s Brace literally gave him his life back. I give this product and this company my highest recommendation. (Via Email)

Jennifer M, submitted 08/2018

Just wanted to let you all know Luke is doing great with his brace. He adjusted quickly and is wearing it all day. He is already bearing weight on his injured leg and he started wrestling and running with his brother again. Seeing him running and pain free makes us all so happy! Thank you all for everything! (Via Email)

Melissa S, submitted 08/2018

I recommended My Pet’s Brace to a few people. My dog’s pain has all but disappeared and she again is playful. Thank you all! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

We were referred to My Pet’s Brace after meeting someone while camping, who had a dog with a similar CCL injury. We decided to try the brace as an alternative to surgery. Very happy so far and everyone has been so nice and supportive. Got us the brace so quickly so we could pick it up on our way home. Our Riley chewed some straps and even parts of her brace, and they repaired so quickly. Mailed it on Wednesday and got it back on Friday! Thank you! (Via Facebook)

Jennifer R, submitted 08/2018

I am extremely happy that I went a non-surgical route for my dog’s injury. I would recommend My Pet’s Brace to everyone!! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

From day one with My Pet’s Brace I have been extremely satisfied, from the first phone call to the greeting walking in the door to the care Clayton has provided for my dog, Boo. If I come across anyone that would benefit from My Pet’s Brace I would recommend them with no hesitations. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

Your brace is proving to be a wise alternative to surgery. My vet told us Poet would not be able to play Frisbee again. After just three months she is playing Frisbee albeit very carefully. She is walking and running normally. I can’ tell You how grateful we are to My Pet’s Brace. Thank You All very much! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

I am so grateful to have such an amazing establishment so close to home. Everyone we’ve come in contact with has been very helpful and knowledgeable. I had hesitations spending the money in the beginning, but I would spend that and more after I’ve experienced the care and comfort my dog has received from My Pets Brace. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

A VERY knowledgeable, well mannered, and sincere personnel. It is obvious that they both enjoy, and care about what they do. Thank you for that! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

I hope to never need your services again, for my dog’s sake. However; should I, I would not hesitate. Thank you very much for providing us with your experience and quality products! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

I can’t say enough about the excellent experience I received from the entire staff. I am quite impressed about the staff and the expertise and knowledge they portrayed to me and my Black Lab named Aggie. Clayton was superb. I would definitely recommend this place to all. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 08/2018

Our senior dog avoided a very costly surgery by wearing her custom brace for 6 months instead. It’s been 3 years since she tore her patella and ACL, and she’s had no recurrence of injury! My Pet’s Brace was easy to work with even from a distance! I am very satisfied with their customer service and the quality of the product they make! I’m so happy my Maggie was able to heal without surgery! (Via Facebook)

Jessica B, submitted 08/2018

My Daisy is a 11 year old Puggle that had a torn CCL and My Pet’s Brace made her a rear leg brace and has given her the freedom to run in the yard at her own pace with no pain. It has been six months and she has progressed so much. The people at the office are all professionals and knowledgeable. As Daisy travels with us, people take pics of her to give to their friends that their dogs suffer from this debilitating condition. We traveled 6 hours one way to get to the office and was told people drive from many states around their office. I would drive double that time to take care of our fur babies to get the care they receive from My Pet’s Brace. Thank you for everything you do! (Via Facebook)

JoAnn D, submitted 08/2018

I have a corgi named Leia who decided she wanted a torn ACL/CCL for Christmas when she was 3 years old. She fell down 6 stairs 3 days before Christmas and we ended up at the PET Emergency to find out what happened. There we found out she had arthritis in her hips/legs and she tore her ACL/CCL. To make a long story shorter surgery wasn’t a great option due to her age and having arthritis. After online research and talking to our vet we made the call to My Pet’s Brace. We live close enough that we were able to go to them and get Leia set up to get her brace. We call it her “leggy”. She got so use to it when you told her she needed to put it on she would flop down and roll onto her back for you to put it on. She wore it for the 9 months and now she is leggy free for the most part. We use it for extreme play time to help stabilize the leg to help with her arthritis. You would never know she was ever injured the way the runs around outside and inside. This was by far the best thing we ever did for her. It was cheaper than the surgery, there was no crate rest, and no pain medications needed. She is currently working on tearing her other ACL/CCL so that she can get another leggy since she loves her hot pink one so much. The staff is amazing to work with and they truly love working with and helping out animals. (Via Facebook)

Shelly R, submitted 08/2018

When my 7 year old pit bull tore his ACL/CCL, the first thing our vet told us was surgery was our only option. I had a real bad feeling about putting our boy through the surgery and recovery. After doing much research my husband and I decided that the brace would be our best option. We made the drive from Northern IL to Morgantown, PA with both of our pups. 14 hours each way but so worth it! Our boy Motley was treated with nothing but kindness and compassion during his casting and fitting. Within a day of getting the brace Motley was comfortable in it. It has been over a year now and Motley is totally healed up, his muscle mass has built back up. He can run without pain as him and his sister Maiden run in the yard. Our vet is very impressed. We would defiantly do it all over again if we had to! Thank you My Pet’s brace for helping Motley and countless other fur babies heal and recover! (Via Facebook)

Jennifer P, submitted 08/2018

In 2016 my pit mix Lily injured her right knee and I decided to use My Pet’s Brace to help her heal instead of surgery. She did great with her knee brace! In 2017 she ended up injuring her other knee and I knew immediately my first choice was to have another brace made. She is finally brace free after her second brace and doing better then ever! The staff is amazing and made this process so stress free. They are honest and always had my pups best interest in mind. Before choosing My Pet’s Brace I was like any other pet parent that has an injured pet, stressed and worrying about what was the best decision for my pup. At the first appointment I knew that I had made a great choice! Lily just turned 8 last month and is loving life. Thank you to the amazing staff for all your caring and help!! (Via Facebook)

Kerry C, submitted 08/2018

I have a chocolate lab, Cinnamon, who ruptured her Achilles tendon and we went through expensive and intensive surgery and rehab. One week from celebrating her year anniversary, she ruptured it again. I did some research and found My Pets Brace and spoke with Jim and then when I returned to see the surgery, he said he would not perform the same surgery, it would be a different, expensive, and long recovery. I gave him the information on My Pets Brace and he said yes, he felt that having a brace could be a viable option and that he would gladly work with them. Jim fitted Cinnamon with the brace and she was able to adapt to it immediately. I am so happy that I found them. Everyone there goes out of their way to answer questions and you can tell at your first visit, or even first phone call that they really care about what they are doing and helping animals. I do not hesitate to recommend them. (Via Facebook)

Ethel P, submitted 08/2018

My 9-year old Corgi tore his ACL shortly after being diagnosed with Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE). He’s been in numerous medications for 5 months now, including a steroid. He’s not a good candidate for surgery due to his age and he laundry list of meds. His primary care vet mentioned My Pet’s Brace and we jumped on the opportunity. The professionalism, service, and kindness of the staff is better than some of the service I received at the numerous vet clinics I have visited. Appointments are personalized so leave with minimal to no questions. I would highly recommend My Pet’s Brace to anyone with an animal experiencing this type of injury. I’m so happy to have them around or I would have had no other option to help my dog heal. (Via Facebook)

Kasey R, submitted 08/2018

My Pet’s Brace is the absolute best place for pet care. They are kind and compassionate pet lovers who really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating custom orthotic braces for a variety of issues. Our Leo has radial nerve damage in his shoulder resulting in drop foot, they created a custom brace that allows him to use that leg completely and because of this we didn’t need to amputate the leg. I love this place, please try them before going into more invasive options. They are the best! (Via Facebook)

Lee-ann M, submitted 08/2018

Our entire experience with My Pets Brace has been favorable in every way. I was extremely impressed with getting the initial appointment scheduled (administrative staff very helpful) to the actual brace measurement. Clayton was very professional, helpful, patient and thorough. Above and beyond the positive experience with the staff, the specific knee brace made for Rudy (our 80# labradoodle) for his torn ACL, has helped him tremendously. He has only had the brace for a couple of weeks but he seems to be more confident with it on and gets around without any issues. Thank you My Pet’s Brace for taking care of us! (Via Facebook)

Karen O, submitted 08/2018

I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with My Pets Brace. Nicky our 11 year old poodle is extremely active. This is his second torn ACL/CCL. The first time we did not have a brace and it was a long recovery time with re-injuries. We are in our sixth month and things are going great. He acts like it isn’t even there. We still try to monitor his activity but if he does get active the peace of mind the brace give me is wonderful! (Via Facebook)

Penny W, submitted 08/2018

Our Casey is 15 years old. Due to arthritis and an old injury we had to get her a brace in December of 2017. We took her to Morgantown, Penna. Jim Alaimo fitted her with a Hock Brace. It has made a wonderful difference in her quality of life. In fact she is not happy when you have to take it off at night. I would highly recommend My Pet’s Brace to anyone who needs a brace for their dog. Jim and all the staff are fantastic. (Via Facebook)

Carol A, submitted 08/2018

When our 9 year old Cairn Terrier, Zoey, tore her CCL, surgery was shelved because we discovered she had Cushing’s Disease. Fortunately, we found My Pets Brace! Clayton was fantastic with her. She proudly presented her leg every morning so we could wear our shocking pink brace to make the neighborhood puppies jealous! She doesn’t need the brace anymore, but still “nudges” the brace hanging next to her leash as if to say….put it on, Mommy! The best part is NO surgery and recovery time in a crate. Oh, the price was half the cost of surgery! (Via Facebook)

Georgene W, submitted 08/2018

On October 8th, 2015 our yellow lab Daisy received her ACL brace at My Pet’s Brace. Daisy was eleven years old at the time, and I did not want to put her through surgery, although she had a successful ACL surgery on the other leg when she was eight. As soon as her brace was made, she was able to move freely and comfortably again. We said farewell to my beautiful Daisy on July 8th, 2017. I am incredibly grateful to everyone at My Pet’s Brace for giving us two more WONDERFUL healthy years with Daisy! (Via Facebook)

Kathi C, submitted 08/2018

We have been extremely happy with My Pet’s Brace, from start to finish. About a year ago, our Newfoundland Sophie partially tore her CCL. We chose to have a brace made for her instead of surgery because the brace would keep her mobile during her recovery. We have not regretted this decision, and in fact, we are so very happy we went this route. My husband (who has taken her to all of her appointments) has done nothing but rave about the entire staff and how friendly and helpful everyone is. A year later, Sophie is one hundred times better and rarely even has to wear the brace anymore. We only put it on her now during strenuous activities to prevent re-injury. Ironically, our Bernese Mountain Dog Koda recently also tore his CCL. He was fitted for his brace last week and picked up his brace today. He is already putting more weight on the injured leg, and you can tell there is some relief from his pain. We can’t say enough about My Pet’s Brace to express our gratitude for taking care of our dogs with such caring. We would recommend My Pet’s Brace to EVERYONE who has a dog with any kind of leg injury. You won’t be sorry! (Via Facebook)

Kristen J, submitted 08/2018

We were told my Roxy was going to need surgery on both knees. Knowing how sick she got after her spay surgery we were at wits end, let alone not have an extra $10,000 lying around. After much research we decided to go with My Pet’s Brace. Amy and everyone there has been so helpful and friendly. I was assuming Roxy would just have to wear the brace for the rest of her life ( she just turned 1) but to our amazement Amy told us only 9 months and then only on long hikes or when she goes running on the beach. My Pet’s Brace literally saved Roxy’s life! (Via Facebook)

Jo Ann Z, submitted 08/2018

Our 7 year old Puggle, Bella tore her ACL/CCL and after discussion with our vet decided that we would let it heal on it’s own. Well fast forward a few months, when Bella hurt herself again and re-injured her leg. After discussion again with our vet and doing some research on our own, we decided to contact My Pet’s Brace. Although we were too far away to travel, we contacted them and they were absolutely AMAZING! They explained everything to us about the process and have been great ever since. Their customer service is hands down the best. It has been a year and a half and Bella is doing amazing and does not need her brace anymore. It was the best thing we ever did for Bella. THANK YOU MY PET’S BRACE! (Via Facebook)

Kellie S, submitted 08/2018

We got a brace for our 10 yr old labrador. She made amazing progress in a short amount of time. Her pain was greatly relieved with the brace. Everyone at My Pet’s Brace were fantastic. They truly care about helping your pet. I highly recommend them. (Via Facebook)

Lori T, submitted 08/2018

Our Wilson tore his ACL 2 years ago. We researched surgery and didn’t like the odds. We found My Pet’s Brace and took him for his consultation. Best thing we did. He wore his brace for 9 months and no surgery. HIGHLY recommend. (Via Facebook)

Mable R, submitted 08/2018

We are forever grateful that our Peek-a-Poo was referred here by our vet in State College, PA. The service was excellent and the staff was professional. (Via Facebook)

Nance S, submitted 08/2018

So grateful for the help given to Kunu. Jim, Clayton and staff were very caring. (Via Facebook)

Chollet R, submitted 08/2018

Great company, excellent customer service. Loved the Individualized care. (Via Facebook)

Mary L, submitted 08/2018

We got in contact with Bill at My Pet’s Brace in Knoxville because of our love of the crew at My Pet’s Brace in Morgantown, PA. Bill put us at ease and was able to talk to us and the people in PA to learn about our pug, Philomena’s journey so far. The love, care, and attention to detail were at the level we expect from My Pet’s Brace, and Bill had gone even further above that in the attention to detail to make sure we got Philomena’s new brace right. From the casting to the fitting, we were so happy to have his expertise to get the fitting and comfort right for our dog. We happily drove the 3+ hours to go, because of the level of detail and the hands-on expertise that is used is worth traveling any distance. The follow-up care, and continuing monitoring they do with you and your dog over the months to come are top tier. If your pet has any sort of debilitating injury to their limbs, you need to give My Pet’s Brace a chance, they literally have given our pug a second chance on a normal life. (Via Facebook)

Nina G, submitted 08/2018

Wonderful facility and staff! Took care of my dog and his needs. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place to any other animal lovers looking to help their pets. (Via Google)

Casey G, submitted 06/2018

Bill was very friendly and took his own time to research the Karakachan breed before I showed up for our appointment. I would highly recommend contacting him if surgery is not an option for your dog. (Via Facebook)

Becky S, submitted 08/2018

Jambi-Joe obtained his stifle brace in February. He is a performance dog with master agility titles, and I an agility trainer. I can’t say enough about how wonderful our experience was when we visited for expedited service. We were treated professionally AND personally. Our engineer (Clayton), spent a significant amount of time getting to know us, and more importantly Jambi. His knowledge base and skills extended far beyond the design and manufacture procedures. The process was seamless, beginning with a very patient and informative phone call, to making our appointment for expedited service. On arrival, we were welcomed and efforts were made to help Jambi feel comfortable in this new setting. The appointment was on time, efficient and outstandingly professional. The outcomes have been wonderful. Jambi is able to take long walks, swimming, hiking, kayaking and engages in many of his former performance activities with his brace on (obedience, noseworks, tracking, rally and modified agility). The customizing was so perfect, that Jambi accommodated to wearing the brace almost immediately. Absolutely NO rub or other skin or fur breakdown has occurred. I highly recommend dog’s who are orthopedic candidates for this brace to contact them and discuss using this service. Thank you Clayton and all the staff at MY PET’S BRACE!

Lynn & Jambi-Joe, submitted 07/2018

I cannot say enough positive things about the overall experience with My Pets Brace and the improvement in the quality of life for Bear. Thank you. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 06/2018

Our dog, Luna, was hit by a car in June of 2016, and suffered nerve damage to her front leg. As an alternative to amputation, or vet suggested we visit My Pets Brace, and see if Jim could help. Luna was an extremely active dog, and the thought of her losing the leg was not an option. Well two years later, Luna is as active as ever, and has adapted to the brace as if it was always there. She can still keep up with all her friends in the park, and actually looks for me in the mornings to put the brace on her leg, and go for a walk. Thanks to Jim and team at My Pet’s Brace, Luna is one happy dog and I am one Happy dog lover.

Tom C, submitted 06/2018

My 6 year old mixed breed dog named Laci started limping around Thanksgiving 2017. I was concerned, but thought she had just strained a muscle. By mid December she was putting no weight on her back left leg and I knew something was terribly wrong. The vet told me she had a partial tear of her CCL and prescribed pain meds, anti inflammatory meds, and suggested surgery. I was shocked! I had no idea with rest this couldn’t get better. I knew surgery would be my last resort due to having three dogs that like to play and knowing how difficult it would be to keep Laci in a crate daily and quiet for three months. I immediately started doing research and found My Pet’s Brace. They had great reviews and explained everything so well on their website. They create a custom orthotic brace for your dog that is worn to help stabilize and protect the problem area during therapy. We scheduled our appointment for early January 2018. They were so wonderful there! They explained everything thoroughly and the steps. Laci was fitted and in her brace by late January. Flash forward to present (June 2018). Laci is doing amazing! She is now in her 5th month of wearing her brace. (It is recommended that our dog wear the brace a full 9-12 months to make sure it has healed and built up strong scar tissue- we are compliant and do not want a relapse). Laci is very used to her brace and knows it goes on every day and off for nighttime . She also is able to do everything she used but has the protection of the brace to continue healing her ccl. The results: When we take her brace off in the evening, she is now walking “limp free” and full weight bearing on that leg! You would never know she ever tore her CCL and we are so happy! For those families that have more than one dog and also would prefer no surgery, this is the way to go!!!The only negative side which isn’t negative actually is Laci doesn’t love having a brace on and can maneuver it off occasionally. We just have to put it on again. Also the straps do stretch and wear after time, which you would expect since your dog is wearing this daily. All you need to do is call My Pet’s Barce for new straps. They are always amazing with this and mail them out that day. Tip: I initially asked for a second set of straps when we picked up our brace. This way if I called for a new one, we were never without Laci’s brace for even a day to risk Going backwards with her progress. I highly recommend My Pet’s Brace with the highest rating possible!!!Thank you My Pets Brace for giving Laci her quality of life back! We are so happy! Laci and the Bowen Family

Anette Bowen ( mom of Laci), submitted 06/2018

Everyone is very nice and very helpful. They obviously love what they do. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 05/2018

We love everyone here. The entire staff is so friendly and give the dogs so much attention and affection. The braces do a fantastic job helping the dogs move better and alleviate their pain and discomfort. We happily drive over an hour to get here and feel it is completely worth it. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 05/2018

Dr. Bill was very friendly and took his own time to research the Karakachan breed before I showed up for our appointment. I would highly recommend contacting him if surgery is not an option for your dog.

Becky S, submitted 05/2018

The people at My Pet’s Brace are truly concerned and care about getting the pets back to their normal routine and living life as they did before their injury. They are very professional and helpful with any questions or concerns. (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 05/2018

I would have a disabled friend had it not been for the treatment and service here. I am just retiring and could not afford the surgery option. It gave me an affordable option and a better one I feel to have the brace. Deuce seems his happy self and is my best bud and companion. Thank you Jim and staff! (Via Survey)

Anonymous, submitted 05/2018

Kira Hime and I cannot thank you all enough for giving me back my insane girl! No limping or “toe touching” at all and we’re 5 mile off-lead hiking every day again! Not bad for a 7 year Doberman who had a partial tear. “Release The Kraken!” (Via Facebook)

Bonnie R, submitted 04/2018

Kobay, an almost 14 yo Malinois, is dealing with his 2nd blown ACL. This time we decided to go the brace route and he is loving life now that he’s more comfortable walking around on this pretty spring day. Thank you. (Via Facebook)

Allison G, submitted 04/2018

I never knew a place like this existed until our Casey needed a brace. We found out about it through our Vet. Charles London Animal Hospital in York, Pa. We are so fortunate that they are only 1 hour and 15 minutes away from us in Morgantown, Pa. The staff is awesome. They always have your pet’s needs in mind. Casey is 15 years old and will have to wear the brace the rest of her life. They made several minor adjustments to her brace since December. I would highly recommend them. (Via Facebook)

Carol A, submitted 04/2018

Our dog Nichole tore her CCL and was having a very difficult time walking. The vet said she would need surgery and be on pain meds for life. So my wife and I were looking around for a surgeon and we came across this website. We read the reviews and called and spoke to a very sweet lady on the phone. So we decided to do this route instead and I can’t thank these people enough. You’ve given my dog her life back. You’ve allowed her to run and play fetch with her brother again. I’m forever grateful for all you’ve done and I can’t recommend this enough. Our all in investment with the vet visits and brace with the military discount was $835. That’s a huge difference from the $5000 we were looking at spending for surgery medicine and physical therapy. Thank you so much you’ve given us our dog back and she loves the brace. (Via Facebook)

BJ R, submitted 04/2018

Ricky tore his Achilles and the vet specialist recommended he either have surgery or wear a brace to enable him to once again go on his daily walks. Having had a previous similar surgery experience with another dog (which was not very successful), I chose the brace this time and went to My Pet’s Brace.It was a wise choice for Ricky acclimated well to the brace and is back to being my shadow at home and also to enjoying his daily walks without any problems. I can’t say enough about the staff at My Pet’s Brace – always genuinely interested in your pet, accommodating, and friendly. Jim Alaimo will not settle for less than doing what’s best for your pet. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and willing to go the “extra mile” to make sure your pet’s brace fits correctly. He is quite the craftsman. I feel Jim chose his profession to make sure your pet is as comfortable as it can be in it’s unfortunate situation and not just for the “money.” I wish there were more like him. I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful service within an hour’s drive of my home. Thank you all. (Via Facebook)

Christa H, submitted 04/2018

These are some of the nicest, most caring, people I have ever met!!! Thank you for everything!!!

Michelle O, submitted 04/2018

The absolute best staff! Excellent customer service and communication! Some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Cannot say enough good things about their care and concern of my pup. After he passed, the entire staff were equally as compassionate. Thank you thank you thank you My Pet’s Brace! (Via Facebook)

Liz M, submitted 04/2018

Dr. Alaimo and staff are fantastic! Thank you all for being so kind, compassionate and thorough with my Shayla. Tonight was her first trial of her brace and she LOVES it! (Via Facebook)

Devinne B, submitted 04/2018

Our Boxer Koa injured himself in July, after a few trips to the vet it was diagnosed that he had a dislocation of his ankle joint. The vet told us that surgery would be needed but it wasn’t a guarantee it would fix the problem due to chronic inflammation. We didn’t want to put Koa through a surgery, because he wasn’t going to be 100% and he’s 9 years old. The Dr recommended My Pet’s Brace as another option. We called & set up an appointment. My Pet’s Brace is a 2 hour ride one way for us. We made 2 trips, the first for Koa’s casting. We met with Clayton and he explained everything, he was wonderful with Koa and didn’t mind all the Boxer kisses & slobber all over him. A week later we went back for Koa’s fitting for his new hock brace, again Clayton explained everything and made sure I knew how to put the brace on & take it off. Koa is doing great with his brace, it took some getting used to but he gets around great. I have to yell at him to slow down sometimes! Thank you Clayton and the staff at My Pet’s Brace for giving Koa his mobility back! (Via Facebook)

Cristi B, submitted 04/2018

Jim and team have been taking care of our TeddyBear since the beginning of 2017. TeddyBear is a rescue Samoyed, a little over 1 yo when he first got his prosthetic. He is missing one rear foot as he was from a Lancaster puppy mill. Supposedly his mother chewed it off, but obviously wasn’t taken care of at the Amish puppy mill. We adopted from the first owner who couldn’t handle all of his issues. Why TeddyBear has had a lot of issues, his prosthetic has made the world of difference in his life. He is very strong and plays very hard in it with his his two sisters and brother. My Pet’s Brace was recommended by our vet and TeddyBear now leads a happy, active, and healthy life. (Via Facebook)

Frank P, submitted 04/2018

Molly, our 11 year old golden retriever tore her ACL in February 2018 after deciding to chase some deer in our yard. She had TPLO surgery done for her other ACL tear almost three years prior. Due to her age and fear of surgical complications we opted for conservative treatment this time. We live in Albany New York and had a local vet whose name we obtained from your website do the casting for us. I cannot say enough about how happy we are with the brace and Molly’s excellent progress since receiving the brace. The first day we put the well fitted brace on, Molly put her full weight on her leg. Her ability to walk comfortably has improved tremendously. So very happy with your company! We are five weeks post receiving the brace and I feel like we have our happy pup back again. For all those vets and people who do not feel braces will help their beloved pets and feel surgery is the only option, please try this fabulous company. My vet, who previously told me braces do not work, was very pleased with the fitting of the brace and Molly’s improvement. They will be referring other pet owners to your website. I can’t thank you enough for helping my pup and giving us more years to spend with her.

Joanne C, submitted 04/2018

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the staff at My Pet’s Brace. They are a caring and compassionate group of people who treat dogs like they are royalty. Honey had a deformed elbow and torn ligament. She did have surgery but needed additional support. She can now run and play with her brace. I highly recommend My Pet’s Brace. She is pretty in pink with her brace.

Barb Showalter, submitted 01/2018

These folks are amazing to work with! My 7 year old Bernese Mountain dog tore her ACL one week ago. We have already had our appointment for the mold and the brace made with expedited next day service and Izzy is working on healing. The staff here are patient, kind and compassionate not to mention extremely knowledgeable and excellent teachers. I was skeptical of the bracing option at first; we have always taken the surgical route with ACL tears, however, surgery wasn’t the best option for Izzy. We put the brace on yesterday and the difference was immediate as they said it would be…she certainly walks more comfortably with it on and is pretty much at her baseline (which isn’t great) when wearing it. We feel fortunate to have found Our Pet’s Brace and will be returning with the next dog (unfortunately) very soon. (Via Facebook)

Rebecca R, submitted 11/2017

Gus received his brace the beginning of August. He ruptured his ACL in June, and we decided to try a brace instead of surgery. He is doing so great! He gets around without limping and is living a normal life of a happy labradoodle! My vet is very pleased, she measured and said he has no muscle mass loss in that hind leg. Thank you My Pet’s brace! (Via Facebook)

Jody L, submitted 11/2017

So far so good. Very happy with their service. Will use again if need be, and will recommend. Thank you for helping us, help our boy. (Via Facebook)

Kevin M, submitted 11/2017

I fully researched less expensive, non-custom braces online only to read repeated complaints of the braces slipping off, causing skin irritation, not fitting correctly or shifting as the dog walked or sat down. If you’re considering one of these braces, I HIGHLY recommend doing research not only about the people who were happy with the brace, but also the complaints. I found horrible reviews on BBB’s website with many of the companies. The brace I originally considered was from a NC based company whose reviews were awful for not returning emails or calls. I called and expressed my concerns, and asked how they dealt with customer issues. They confirmed the negative reviews by saying, “If you’re not happy with the product you could call us, but if we’re on the phone we won’t get your call.” What?!? Um, not a good answer. Rather than to spend $200+ only to be stuck with a brace they wouldn’t return I decided to go with the superior product right from the start. I’m happy I did. I called and the woman on the phone gave me all of the information and answers I needed so I could be confident I was making the best decision for my dog. On my first visit to have the cast made, Amy and another young woman took great care of me and my dog, Vinny. It was a non-issue that I requested to have him put into a treatment room ASAP so he didn’t have to see other dogs (he’s dog aggressive when leashed). Amy explained everything so well on the initial visit and when we came back to have the brace fitted. I left with paperwork to read about the brace and fittting it properly in case I needed a refresher. Amy had me put it on and remove it to be sure I was able to do it correctly. So how is my dog doing? His brace was made for him, so there’s no slipping. He’s able to touch his foot to the ground when he walks now, which makes us both happy. He’s not biting at it, and he’s doing so well. I’m certain I made the best decision to go with My Pet’s Brace. I highly recommend them! (Via Facebook)

Carla S, submitted 11/2017

Jim at My Pet’s Brace does an awesome job and is very patient with the pups. My 14 1/2 yr old GSP Greta acts like a puppy with her brace on when she’s outside. She has a torn Achilles. She had her other leg operated on 6 years ago and also had a brace on for a month or so until her leg healed. Now she’s too old for the operation so it’s a God send for her to have her brace. I’m not sure if I’d still have her if it weren’t for the brace because it’s difficult for her to walk without it. (Via Facebook)

Diane M, submitted 11/2017

Amazing people and fantastic products! I could not be happier with everything! Tre loves his prosthesis and Jim is wonderful! He makes sure Tre is comfortable and able to be the crazy dog that he is! (Via Facebook)

Kimmy R, submitted 11/2017

We are so very thankful for finding My Pet’s Brace. Our dog, Charlie, tore his ACL in his left leg a couple of years ago, and when looking at recovery options, surgery vs. bracing, I discovered MPB. I live 45 minutes away, so was able to bring him in for a fitting, and then come back the next day for the brace. The brace fit Charlie well, and he wore it for a few months before our vet convinced us to have surgery on his left leg as his ACL was completely torn and he didn’t believe that the brace would work. As can often occur with an ACL injury, our dogs other leg developed a tear the following year. Knowing exactly what this was, I immediately called MPB and got Charlie in right away. Again, we were able to get an express brace. This time, because he only had a partial tear, our vet was willing to see if the brace would work. I’m happy to say that after wearing the brace for about 9 months on his right leg, Charlie is now brace free and shows absolutely no signs of any sort of leg injury. I tell everyone about MBP when I hear about leg injuries in dogs. Thank you so much for helping Charlie! (Via Facebook)

Isobel H, submitted 11/2017

Thanks Jim and Staff, Beauty’s custom brace made a big difference in her last 5 months. She could get up and walk independently and enjoy a little more quality of life. We know her situation was unique and we thank you for the vision and resulting brace that helped so much. (Via Email)

Steve C, submitted 10/2017

Such a nice clean and peaceful environment. Staff super friendly and informative. (Via Facebook)

Elizabeth R, submitted 09/2017

I cannot tell you enough how much we recommend them! Amazing staff. (Via Facebook)

Kellie S, submitted 09/2017

My Pet’s Brace is just awesome! Thanks to them our lab, Diesel, is enjoying life again. It is great to see him getting around on his own. The entire staff is extremely helpful in making sure his brace is working best for him. They are always very responsive – hard to believe that are over 5 hours away from us but make us feel as if they 5 minutes away. Thank you!! (Via Facebook)

Darcey F, submitted 09/2017

Extremely caring and informative staff who take the time with you to explain how this works. I felt so much more at ease when I left that Finnegan would get relief. We just received his brace and he is already doing so much better. I can’t wait to see how he improves. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for options to help their pets. Thank you! (Via Facebook)

Lisa M, submitted 09/2017

Reno rocking his new stifle brace. He really appears to be assimilating to it on his first day of break in. Thank u guys so much….Strong work by My Pets Brace!! (Via Facebook)

Chip J, submitted 09/2017

12 months since injury and about 10 months since wearing the brace and here is Bella today with NO brace!!!!!! Cannot thank you guys enough for EVERYTHING!!!! We would use the brace over surgery any day. And the staff are amazing! Thanks again My Pet’s Brace. (Via Facebook)

Kellie S, submitted 09/2017

So thankful for your team of professionals. Our Liz is doing so much better with her brace. She’s back to herself. Happy Labor Day. (Via Facebook)

Maria P, submitted 09/2017

I’ve had such minimal contact with you all just because of how my dog is but I can’t say enough great things about your brace!!!! What a lifesaver!! He has done so well in it and gets so excited in the am when it is time to put it on. Thank you so much!!!! (Via Facebook)

Jesse C, submitted 09/2017

Josh Lewis recently fitted our little Lucy Loo with a mobility cart. I can’t express how much she enjoys it. I want to thank everyone at My Pet’s Brace for the care and help with getting Lucy set up. And Josh, thank you so much for the care, work and love you put in to making life better for our little munchkin. You are all a gift! (Via Facebook)

Tammy C, submitted 09/2017

Awesome, caring people. Gave my 12 y/o husky her spunk and drive back. She, once again, loves walks and running around the house. She is a totally different girl since getting her braces 8 months ago. Everyone at My Pet’s Brace always puts the animals first and greets them with such enthusiasm and love. Thank you for all that you do. And keep up the great work. And Roz sends her thanks and best wishes, too. (Via Facebook)

Carol R, submitted 09/2017

Baloo got his brace and he took to it like a fish in water! He is like a new dog with the brace and I can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing. The craftsmanship of the brace is excellent and fits like a second skin. Thanks! (Via Email)

Jose M, submitted 07/2017

Thank you so much for helping Alice get in a brace so fast. She is doing well with the brace and enjoys her small walks as well as hanging out on the beach with her family. Instead of leaving vacation for her surgery we are enjoying Alice sitting under our chairs. (Via Email)

Tammy M, submitted 07/2017

I fully recommend My Pet’s Brace should you find the need for their services. The experience was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. Terry the practitioner assistant gave me great phone and in person service. Clayton the practitioner gave us undivided attention and showed great concern for our dog Storm. Together, they provided friendly, knowledgeable and attentive service. They really helped to ease my stress about Storm’s ruptured CCL. I’m confident that the decision to purchase a brace was the right treatment option to allow for healing. Lastly, the drive to Morgantown was scenic and the area itself is characteristically PA. The trip turned into a great getaway for us! (Via Facebook)

Tania P, submitted 07/2017

Awesome service and staff. Well worth the three hour drive one way. Has helped our mastiff to be able to use her leg properly. Our vets office was completely against this and told us surgery was the only route. Did some research on our own and found this wonderful place. We changed vets offices and the new vets were completely floored by how well the brace was made and fit the dog. They were going to be referring dogs too. (Via Facebook)

Heather E, submitted 06/2017

Easy to locate, flexible appointment times, wonderful staff, fully explained process, did not rush the overview or the casting tasks, answered and fully explained my questions, a very good experience, heading back next week to pickup brace. (Via Facebook)

Thomas H, submitted 06/2017

My pup has had his brace for almost 2 years and still works great. Great people and awesome products! I’ve recommended this place to numerous people who were extremely satisfied. (Via Facebook)

Roger M, submitted 06/2017

Everyone was great. Good experience can’t wait to get Hazel’s brace. She had a good time too. (Via Facebook)

Cindy C, submitted 06/2017

We loved the elbow brace the moment my angel Sebastian Cabot put it on ~ It gave him all of his confidence back and was able to even run with out falling ~ I had to skip my vet because she insisted a brace could not help his degenerative joint disease ~ she was way wrong ~ I had a happy confident boy again playing, running and enjoying long walks again ~ thank you My Pets Brace (Via Facebook)

Virginia G, submitted 05/2017

I have fit 4 clients dogs for stifle braces and love having this as an alternative option to ACL surgery. (Via Facebook)

Dr. Pam Ripperda, DVM, submitted 05/2017

This place is incredible. Kept my dogs from needing surgery for CCL tears and kept them active. (Via Facebook)

Lisa C, submitted 05/2017

The people there are friendly and easy to work with. We’ve had a few adjustments with immediate service. The brace fits great and Katie doesn’t mind wearing it at all. She’s 7 months in. We decided to wait the whole 9 months before letting her loose. But she’s back to full activity on a leash and swimming and totally sound on that leg. So thankful we went this route instead of surgery for a cruciate tear!!! Thank you My Pet’s Brace!!! (Via Facebook)

Sharon H, submitted 04/2017

Best experience! Staff was so nice, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. My little lady has some independence again after only 2 days and we couldn’t be more appreciative and thankful! (Via Facebook)

Pam G, submitted 04/2017

The brace arrived, and the vet said it fits perfect! (Via Email)

Scarlette S, submitted 04/2017

We didn’t feel our 9 year old Rottie mix was a good candidate for ACL surgery but we want him to be as comfortable, mobile, and happy as humanly possible. All of the staff at My Pet’s Brace have been understanding and thorough throughout the entire process. Clayton, in particular, was knowledgeable and kind and treated our beloved Kai like the gold we believe he is!! Thank you to everyone there for the sincere caring and professionalism shown to Kai and our family. (Via Facebook)

Kim H, submitted 02/2017

Staff at My Pet’s Brace were nothing but wonderful! My usual vet was really pushy about my dog having ACL/CCL surgery. Against better judgement, I had him do the casting for a brace. My Pet’s Brace tried to do some adjustments to accommodate. Long story short after emailing pictures and the owner reviewing the old cast the owner decided that we needed to do a new casting. We got the new brace on Friday and noticed a huge difference with the fit. I am very grateful the staff were accommodating with trying to get the best fit. Thanks for all of your help! (Via Facebook)

Kayla S, submitted 02/2017

My Pet’s Brace has developed an excellent product and service for numerous patients of our practice. Our clients have been so relieved when offered an option to stabilize their pet’s injuries or “old age” orthopedic conditions. In many cases their beloved four-footed friends are not candidates for surgery due to their age, medical concerns for anesthesia, or financial constraints. Thank you for improving my patients’ quality of life.

Heather Clauser, VMD, submitted 02/2017

A brace can be a great alternative to orthopedic surgery. Not every patient is a surgical candidate, and a brace provides an affordable and less invasive option. The braces are custom-made and provide pets immediate comfort and stability from a variety of orthopedic conditions.

Casey Kurtz, VMD, submitted 02/2017

I have had the privilege to work with the fine folks at My Pet’s Brace for over 6 years now. In that time, I have had many clients utilize their bracing products. In my opinion, My Pet’s Brace provides a superior product, custom made to the pet’s needs & prescription. Many of my patients have needed stifle bracing for cruciate ligament injuries and have proceeded to return to normal activity all whilst having brace protection, much to the delight of my clients and patients. I look forward to continuing my relationship with My Pet’s Brace and their outstanding products.

Kirsty Oliver VN, Dip AVN (surgical), CVT, CCRP, CVPP, submitted 02/2017

Thank you for taking the time yesterday to explain the Stifle brace for Rylee. Your thorough explanation put us more at ease with the brace and it’s ability to help the healing process. The entire team at My Pet’s brace was warm, welcoming and answered any questions that we had. Everyone made the experience very comfortable for Rylee and us! We look forward to delivery of Rylee’s Hot Pink Brace! (Email)

Mark S, submitted 01/2017

Hi My Pet’s Brace folks, Just wanted to let you know that the brace you built for our golden mountain dog, Uli, is working out well so far. It’s been nearly a month now, and she is walking without a limp. The only time she does have an alteration of her gait is when she gets up from laying or sitting down, and then, just briefly. She doesn’t have any objection to us putting it on her so I am confident it is comfortable. We actually forgot about it two separate nights, she wore it all night and it didn’t bother her one bit. The brace seems to be a very wise design and is of quality materials. I find it very easy to put on her, although I do take an extra minute to make sure I have the Achilles strap in the correct spot, that’s the trickiest part, and that is not all that tricky. We will continue with regular wearing of the brace for Uli and anticipate good result. We are so happy that it is comfortable for her. She is obviously happy to be able to go for her walk every day, we had been limiting her to just our yard ( .92 acres!) but now we can ambulate the neighborhood and be more sociable. Uli smiles again, more often!! 😊 Just wanted to let you know that, so far, so good. And, Thank You.

Jean p, submitted 01/2017

I had an AMAZING experience at My Pet’s Brace. I drove from New York after researching non-surgical options for my labrador’s torn ACL. The entire staff is awesome! Dr. Alaimo explained everything to me, helped me understand what was going on with Olivia and how we were going to make it better. I cannot say enough good things about My Pet’s Brace.. where every device is made with loving care. (Via Facebook)

Rene S, submitted 01/2017

Was in last week for an knee brace for my pitbull. The customer service was awesome and they took their time and explained everything. I highly recommend them. (Via Facebook)

Nicholas M, submitted 01/2017

I just want to tell you what a wonderful job My Pet’s Brace is doing! Kodak, my almost 10 year old yellow lab went through surgery twice in 2015 when he injured his left CCL late in 2014. The surgery itself was a success but the recovery period was arduous and when he had to have some of the components of the original surgery replaced again 10 months later, I was heartsick to have to put him through it all over again. But in the end, he recovered well and was his old active self again until early November 2016 when it happened to his right CCL joint… I knew that I did not want to put him through another journey of surgery and recovery again and decided (with support of my vet who agreed that Kodak was not an ideal surgery candidate due to other health issues that have plagued him) to use the conservative approach.

I admit, it was really scary to have him walking on what was clearly a painful and unstable leg so I decided to look further into what could support his joint while going through the process. I found many choices for braces but none seemed appropriate until I came across your company. It only seemed logical that the brace needed to be custom made to properly fit the individual dog, not a small, medium, large etc. option as all breeds (and even dogs within their breed) are shaped different and the brace really needed more than a soft support and to have control of the movement of the joint to make any sense at all to me. My vet was willing to work with me and we went ahead. Your casting video is excellent and soon we had shipped the cast off to you and as promised, the completed brace was on it’s way back to us within your stated time frame. At first Kodak reacted exactly as you said that he would but in no time he adjusted to it being on his leg. Since it was made from an actual casting of his leg, there have been no adjustments needed and it fits right in all the right places! Your video on how to put it on and what to watch for to indicate that it may be too tight was very helpful. Being an expert in dog anatomy, my vet further showed me how to make sure it was snug enough in the thigh and he set the proper Achilles’ tendon strap length (a concern for me) which I marked with a paint pen when I got home as suggested in your information. He too is pleased with the outcome of the brace. After too many weeks of inactivity, Kodak was finally able to have longer walks and started to bound around in the house and leap onto his toys that he had not been able to before his brace arrived. As he has become accustomed to his brace he has become braver and more active every day. I was concerned that he would not want to let me put his brace on because he found it to be uncomfortable or bothersome but I have been most pleasantly surprised! He lays down in front of me with no resistance whatsoever. I assume that he understands that with it, he can do so much more than without it. Your customer service and support has been excellent and your company has been a pleasure to deal with. Thank you SO much to your team at My Pet’s Brace!!

Gail R, submitted 01/2017

First let me say this; YES IT WILL WORK ! I live in Downers Grove Illinois. Our dog Addie, a Boston terrier / Jack Russell mix who was 11 years old when she tore her ACL playing fetch and was unable to put any weight on her back leg. I took her to our local vet whose only option was surgery, which they did not recommend because of her age, (not to mention $1,800 at the time). They provided me with no other options. Therefore, I searched the internet for alternative options. When I came across My Pet’s Brace, I had a hard time believing that this could/would work. I contacted My Pet’s brace and spoke with them about my dog’s condition. The one thing I distinctively remember was them telling me that if I kept the brace on throughout the day and removed it at night as they recommend, the dog’s ACL WILL heal! So I ordered the kit based on my dog’s size and asked my local vet if they could/would agree to form the cast with the kit I purchased.

My local vet contacted My Pet’s Brace and discussed how to ensure that the cast was applied and measured correctly. Once my vet completed the casting they contacted me and I sent the casting in to My Pet’s Brace. In a couple of weeks I received my dog’s custom made leg brace. It took about two days before Addie finally realized that I wasn’t taking it off, (except at bedtime) and she began to accept it. By the end of the week she was no longer hopping around but actually walking. I religiously put it on every day and took it off every evening for about four months. As time passed Addie’s ACL did heal, completely! Today she is as though it never happened. It took a total of about 5 months before she was able to run around without the brace, but IT WORKED just as they said it would. I have since sent pictures to my local vet and made them aware of the success that I had. They too were astonished! I can’t thank the folks at My Pet’s Brace enough for what they have provided. I would recommend to anyone whose dog has torn their ACL to go this route rather than the surgery. Thank You so much!

Christopher D, submitted 01/2017

Our 10 year old Westie, Riley, tore his ACL this past May. It was so badly injured that he was dragging his leg on the ground and couldn’t put any pressure on it. He is very high energy, constantly running and jumping, and we did not want to put him through surgery. We didn’t want to put him through the pain at such an old age, and also didn’t think it would be possible for him to sit still for such an extended period of time to heal after surgery. We decided to get him the knee brace, and it was a miracle. He immediately started walking almost normally with his brace on, and was back to running and jumping. By the 3rd or 4th month he was back to walking without his brace and didn’t show any signs of pain or discomfort. It is now almost 7 months later, and although he can walk perfectly fine without the brace, we put it on most days to be sure he doesn’t re-injure his leg.I would recommend this amazing product to anyone with an older dog/who is not comfortable with surgery. Amazing alternative!!

Emily, submitted 11/2016

We brought Ellie here because of her CCL problem. At ten years old we didn’t want to risk surgery. It has only been 3 days but we already see a difference in her walk and confidence! I highly recommend My Pet’s Brace. (Via Facebook)

Laura Z, submitted 11/2016

My dog Henry has a partial ACL tear. I went back and forth with myself over surgery or conservative management. His surgery was scheduled when I found My Pet’s Brace. After reading all the reviews and doing some research we decided to go with a brace over surgery. From the minute we first went to the My Pet’s Brace office Henry was calm and happy unlike how stressed he gets at the vet. He has only been wearing his brace for a few days but I haven’t doubted my decision once! Henry is limping less and I feel less anxious about him moving around like a dog.

Stephanie -, submitted 11/2016

I will forever be grateful to My Pet’s Brace for fitting my Tucker for his ccl tear. He received the brace two years ago instead of undergoing surgery and healed up beautifully. Tucker is now healthy and happy at nearly 13 years old! I truly believe that My Pet’s Brace has extended his life and increased the quality of it. My vet can’t believe how well he is doing as a large breed dog at his age! (Via Facebook)

Emily P, submitted 11/2016

Jake got his brace today, and he seems to be feeling better already! Thank you for offering this alternative to surgery. I give you 5 stars, wonderful service! (Via Facebook)

Lorraine E, submitted 11/2016

This place saved our dog’s life!! Staff is not only amazing in what they do but compassionate for each and every animal that walks, hobbles, limps, wheels into their place. (Via Facebook)

Jen V, submitted 11/2016

I would recommend to anyone needing a brace. They made us feel like our boy was top priority and the custom fit is amazing. (Via Facebook)

Mable R, submitted 11/2016

They did a wonderful job with my golden retriever! Could not have asked for better customer support, patient services were spectacular with the results being amazing! Thank you so much from both myself and Amber. (Via Facebook)

Phil S, submitted 11/2016

I can’t tell you what a relief it was to work with you all. Sidney was so well taken care of. Everyone was sweet and gentle with him, and he’s a nervous little guy. I’m so glad I went against the surgeon’s recommendation for TPLO for our little guy. I am affirmed that this was the right way to go. From my first phone call, all my questions were patiently answered and expectations were clearly set. There were no surprises! Sidney can’t wait to get his spiffy green brace next week! (Via Facebook)

Heather W, submitted 11/2016

You guys have been amazing to work with…thank you for making this process go along with ease! (Via email)

Kecia S, submitted 10/2016

Saved my dog’s mobility! My pets brace is a fantastic group that genuinely cares for our beloved dogs! My Savanna, now 14 years old, a Jindo, can barely walk to the corner due to bilateral Achilles’ tendon injuries. At her age my husband and I didn’t want to put her through surgery. I did a lot of research and found Jim and his fabulous team on YouTube. We took Savanna to the office despite them being 5 hours away, and right away they saw her needs and not only met them, exceeded them. She was fitted for bilateral hock support braces and we had delivery the next day! It has been a year since she has had them and she gets around no problem! We can enjoy walks on the beach and in the park again. She couldn’t walk to the corner! And now we can walk for 30mins+! I am so grateful to My Pet’s Brace for giving us our puppy back. Thank you Jim and team from the bottom of our family’s heart. And Savanna’s! (Via Google+)

Rosanna D, submitted 09/2016

The compassionate staff is incredible! Clayton was so interactive and gentle with Zoey. She was diagnosed with Cushings disease and is nine, so operating was not an option, thank God! The ACL brace is the best option, and by the way, half the price of an operation. Also, if operating, we would have had to confine her to a crate for 3 months…no way! She loves the brace because we can now take long walks through the neighborhood and visit her friends. The brace is easy to put on and maintain. Clayton does a good job coaching the parents! (Via Facebook)

Georgene W, submitted 09/2016

We took our dog Ian to My Pet’s Brace to be fitted for a brace. He has a partially torn ACL and damaged meniscus, among other orthopedic issues. The staff at My Pet’s Brace were gentle when measuring him for the brace and very friendly. They are completely great with explaining the mechanism of the brace and ways to get your dog to adjust to it. Ian is doing great with his new brace, and I know if I have any problems that I can call the professionals at My Pet’s Brace with any questions or concerns. I’d recommend them to anyone. I’m so glad I opted for the brace over surgery! (Via Google+)

Meghan M, submitted 09/2016

Our 12 year old Lab, Maggie, tore her ACL in October of 2014. She was not a surgical candidate, so we opted to try a brace to avoid euthanasia. Maggie did amazing with her brace and lived until June of 2016. I attribute her longer life to her brace. In July of 2016, our Yorkie mix stretched his acl and his vet recommended physical therapy as opposed to surgery. I decided to bring Barley in for a brace to stabilize his joint while he goes through physical therapy. I would highly recommend My Pet’s Brace to anyone looking for a non-surgical alternative for ACL tears and stretches. (Via Facebook)

Maria G, submitted 08/2016

Wonderful and caring. Amazing people that provide life changing service. (Via Facebook)

Victor C, submitted 07/2016

Our large lab who weighed over 100 pounds had a complete tear of her ACL. Our vet told us, surgery. The surgery was very expensive and intense also. Following surgery she would have to be contained to allow healing. We had two other dogs, this was not feasible for us. So I began to search online and found My Pet’s Brace. I called them and they quickly explained how the brace might work and sent me what I needed to begin the process of ordering her brace. I ordered her brace, and my vet was skeptical when they did the casting of her to send the mold to My Pet’s Brace. We received the brace and she wore for several months. After about 8 months of bracing, she was totally healed. She has scar tissue from the ACL tear, but she would have had scar tissue from the surgery, in fact our vet now is impressed how the brace worked for our lab. His thoughts, were only surgery works for a complete torn ACL. 4 years later, no brace, and our lab is running, pivots, has full motion. She chases bird, plays in water and flies around like nobody business when playing. She is 8 years old now, without any signs of arthritis or evidence of a complete ACL tear 4 years ago. She was never confined to a cage after having her brace, and from the time she had the brace she ran and played in the yard and in water. The brace gave her full range of motion. Thank you My Pet’s Brace!!

Roy R, submitted 07/2016

Very caring group and excellent service. We drove in and they expedited our order so that it was right the first time. (Via Google)

Greg H, submitted 07/2016

It occurred to me that I promised to follow up with all of you wonderful people who had a hand in Laszlo’s bad LF carpal hyperextension injury in October 2013. He completely resumed his guarding post, races around the yard at full speed and hasn’t looked back. I’d say the first 1 to 1/2 years was challenging managing him with the braces and all 14 relapses (he’s a stubborn beast born to be free of confinement and I’m a slow learner). But we made it. 🙂 Thank you everybody!!!!!

Alexia M, submitted 07/2016

Lady Bug is a high energy 3 year old lab-boxer mix who tore her CCL over the winter. My Pet’s Brace stifle brace has been a life saver for her! She has been running around like the crazy puppy she was before the injury, truly a life saver for her! (Via Facebook)

Jeff M, submitted 07/2016

I must say, the brace works just as well as the surgery!!! We did the surgery on one of our other dogs on both knees (cruciate) and I have to say it’s a rough recovery. Our 6 year old had the same and we opted out of the surgery and got the brace!! All I have to say little to NO effect on him and after 6-7 months in brace good as new!!!! Will never do surgery EVER if g-d forbid was going to happen again!!! (Via Facebook)

Sandy H, submitted 07/2016

I could write a book about my 2 day visit and phone calls to My Pets Brace. To make a story really short (sadly) I can let you know that Anna walked me through an estimate cost of a cart for my foster dog, William. I had very little information and she used her knowledge and hit the nail on the head because William needed a counter balance cart and the estimate was nearly spot on. Amazing job Anna and thank you from a scatter brained foster-mom who didn’t have the dog yet. When I did get William we arrived and were greeted, assisted and more than accommodated– William spilled his water bowl, my 2.5 year old was playing and eating in the waiting room, Josh pulled a tick off of William and William peed on everyone he met. Everyone was so polite. I was such a mess. Josh was more than accommodating and professional when it came to wrangling up my foster dog and daughter. Amazing, amazing team members. Almost everyone in the building came out to meet William. I felt so welcomed. Trying to keep this short…. “It’s worth the drive” if you are not local. Josh really made me feel like I was normal and helped me through a stressful and exciting time. I wish this team of workers the best. (Via Facebook)

Nadine M, submitted 07/2016

A huge thank you to the team at My Pets Brace from Buddy and his family. In April Buddy received his stifle brace after tearing his ACL. On May 18th Buddy turned 11 and is back to his playful self, walking, and interacting with our daughter’s 1 year old Bernese Mountain puppy. Every morning when the brace goes on we gets kisses and tail wagging. We are so grateful that his quality of life is back.

Mike, Dee, Kristina, Nicole & Boomer, submitted 07/2016

At the recommendation of my vet, I brought Kira, a small 45 lb pit mix to My Pet Brace with a torn ACl (rear left leg). She was unable to put any pressure on her leg and was on pain meds. She was fitted for a brace at the office in October of 2015. They did an amazing job and the fit was perfect, in hot pink of course. It was slow going at first but by January I was seeing real improvement and pain meds were no longer needed. It is now June 2016 and we are going for our final check up today. Kira has no limp, her muscle mass is back and I now just use the brace for very long walks or at the dog park. I am so appreciative of the support and the fact that I spent $750 for the brace instead of the invasive, long down time and $3000 price tag of the surgery. I am also glad that I have the brace that I can use any time in the future to fall back on if she will be doing a lot of running. I would highly recommend the brace and this company!

Joanna, submitted 06/2016

Dexter ruptured his CCL this past winter, and then not too long later he ruptured the second one. My vet recommend My Pet’s Brace as an alternative to surgery. I’m in NJ and too far away to drive to PA to see them in person. I read the website, watched all the YouTube videos and gave it a try. I initially spoke with Terry who was just a pleasure. So helpful and ready to answer any question I had. The casting kits were shipped promptly, my vet casted Dex’s legs, sent them over, and the braces were delivered yesterday. They’re well made, neat around the edges, solid construction. (And the royal blue is gorgeous!) Today was the first time with only one brace to start. It fit perfectly, was super easy to put on (watch the video!), and Dex adapted immediately, I was floored. It didn’t faze him at all. He walked all around the yard. Tomorrow will be about 4 hours on, then 5 etc. the second one goes on next week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful device, and the ease and convenience of remote fittings–you guys have your system nailed. Can’t wait to get them both going. Keep up the wonderful work you’re doing!

Lynn B, submitted 06/2016

Because surgery would have been too devastating for a 12 year old dog, (we had a carpal brace made for the hyperextension in his wrist). Lex is back to doing what he loves best – Dog Therapy. This is a photo of him working at Carol Simon Cancer Center in Morristown NJ greeting all the people that walk through the door. Thank You Jim and My Pet’s Brace.

Stan O, submitted 06/2016

So happy to report that Greta, the little pit bull from Washington, DC you saw in October, is rocking her brace. She plays, walks at least 30 minutes every day limp free, can climb steps, and is basically a super happy dog. So grateful to hear about your clinic. We managed to avoid costly surgery, AND we have a great outcome. I share your information whenever I can. (Via Facebook)

Nancy T, submitted 05/2016

Oliver aka Ollie is now brace free and back in Doggie Dayschool. He’s 6 months post injury and the laser therapy, water treadmill and brace have all contributed to his improvement. Thank you so much to My Pet’s Brace for helping in my baby’s recovery. In a good way, hopefully we won’t have to see you again, but we will always remember you and be forever grateful. (Via Facebook)

Esther S, submitted 05/2016

I would highly recommend My Pet’s Brace. Even though I am one state away and did everything by phone and email, it has worked out well. I bought a pink custom knee brace for my very old great dane mix in Oct. 2015, and it was a great experience. Not only that, it saved her from being put down since she couldn’t have surgery because she has cancer. The brace has allowed my dog to continue on with life. Between then and now, they have been highly responsive. I have recommended them to two of my dog-owning friends who asked about Lola’s brace, and everyone who sees us walking mentions her brace. Lastly, I hope my vet’s office will add My Pet’s Brace to their custom brace vendor list. I did my own research and did not choose the two vendors on the vet office’s list, and I have been pleased with my choice! (Via Facebook)

Deedee D, submitted 05/2016

Amazing team!! After many years of paw and leg issues our Bosco is finally starting to enjoy playing with his family!! He loves his hock braces, still a little wobbly but getting better each day. I Love getting morning kisses as I’m putting them on him, thank you My Pet Brace!! (Via Facebook)

Lisa M, submitted 05/2016

Knowledgeable, skilled and caring people. They put their patients’ needs above all. I came from nearly an hour and a half away, and it is definitely worth the trip to get personal attention and customized support for my best friend! (Via Facebook)

Amy C, submitted 05/2016

WOW!! My Pet’s Brace is amazing. I watched the casting video before Sadie’s appointment which helped us understand the procedure. Clayton did her cast and follow up for her brace fitting. It was perfect. The brace is easy to take on and off for you and your pet. During the casting and brace fitting, I was stress out but Clayton and the staff made it a walk in the park. Sadie adjusted to her brace extremely quick, just got it today and it will make her quality of life GREAT. Thank you from Denise,Keith and Sadie

Denise T., submitted 04/2016

Hannah got her wheels today! We cannot thank My Pet’s Brace enough, and especially Josh, for making this such a good experience. All of you were so welcoming and friendly, even though Hannah had an accident on the floor both times she was there! And Josh…well, clearly he’s one of the good guys, because Hannah loved him and she’s terrific judge of people. We’re excited to get our girl mobile again. Thank you. (Via Facebook)

Cherilyn D, submitted 04/2016

As promised here are some pics of Achilles with his brace. He’s doing very well with it and we are very happy! Thank you again for everything. We has such a great experience there from the moment we walked in. Thank you for being so thorough, patient and most of all for showing our pup love. (Via Email)

David and Jennifer S, submitted 03/2016

Woof to everyone at My Pet’s Brace. It’s Henna…you haven’t seen me in awhile so I thought I would send you some greets from the Jersey Shore. Take a look at how happy I am with my fancy braces- I can run and jump and enjoy life and you made this possible- thanks so much! By the way: these pics were taken at the end of 2015 and since a few months the pink brace is off and my knee is healed (even my vet said I’m fine). Just the green brace I’ll need a little longer… Looking forward to seeing you again! (Via Email)

Sandra Z, submitted 03/2016

My dog Duke was diagnosed clinically with an ACL tear. He is 9 years old and statistically speaking out to tear his other ACL after surgery. The staff at My Pet’s Brace was unbelievable. We got the brace yesterday, and were advised to all the dog 3 hours then 4 hours then next day, then 5 hours a day after. [M]y dog actually was begging me to put it on him earlier today because he kept sniffing at it looking at it and looking back at me. There is absolutely no limp when he wears it he is weight bearing chasing after a 14 month old puppy and ripping after tennis balls. I cannot believe it. [B]est money spent ever. (Via Facebook)

Richard M, submitted 03/2016

My dog tore her ACL 1 year and a half years ago. Based on a friend’s reference,we took her to My Pet’s Brace and her ACL healed in 6 months just like they said it would. She has been off of her brace for a year now and is pain free and enjoying walking and playing like a normal dog. We’re so thankful for My Pet’s Brace!!! (Via Facebook)

Sue S, submitted 03/2016

Hi Clayton, I wanted to follow up with My Pets Brace concerning Allie and her brace. She is doing well and still using it for our walks/hikes and active days around the yard. The colder weather appears to affect her as she ages but on warmer days is more active. At this time I don’t think she needs adjustments or another appointment. We will reach out to My Pet’s Brace if she is in need of something. Thanks again from Jason, myself, Allie and her play buddy Riley. Angela (Via Email)

Angela, submitted 02/2016

Hello Jim, Allie is doing great for the first day with her new My Pet’s brace! She showed it off to the staff at CCAH Veterinary Services and then to the rest of our dogs at home. None of the dogs or Allie have bothered with the brace and she doesn’t mind having it on at all. We are so excited to have this to support her long term healing process. Thank you for your time and precision fitting today. Allie enjoyed all the special care she received at My Pet’s Brace and the dog treats too! Looking forward to our follow up appointment in a month. Many thanks, Teresa and Allie (Via Email)

Teresa P, submitted 02/2016

Kaylee got her new knee brace today. She had a torn Right knee ligament 2 years ago and My Pet’s Brace made her a custom knee brace, which restored her quality of life. Unfortunately, her Left knee ligament became torn too. Now as an 11 year-old, she has normal mobility in both knees thanks to My Pet’s Brace! Once again Kaylee is restored thanks to My Pet’s Brace! Kaylee chose the color because a girl’s knee braces and necklace must match! Kaylee and her parents thank you, My Pet’s Brace! (Via Facebook, picture from 2014)

Ci Ci G, submitted 01/2016