Braces & Prosthetics

Knee braces for pets under 105 pounds
Knee braces for pets over 105 pounds
Hock, Carpal, or Elbow braces

Every brace includes:

Casting Kit

Price: $49.00

If you are working with your veterinarian for the casting and they do not have casting materials, you can order a casting kit online or by calling us at 610-286-0018. A casting kit includes instructions, order forms, the casting materials and FREE UPS ground shipping. The $49 for the casting kit it due upfront. When the brace in put into production, the $49 is deducted from the price of the brace. 

Replacement Parts - Free For 120 Days

Replacement parts, such as straps, pads, and soles, are FREE during the 120-day warranty period. After 120 days, there is a fee per item if any parts are needed. Straps range between $15-$30 per strap. Call for exact pricing.

Expedite Service - $150

The fabrication time of your pet’s brace may be expedited for an additional $150 per brace. Our typical fabrication time is 5 business days. Expedite service is subject to availability.

Forms of payment

We accept all credit cards, cash, check, Care Credit and Scratch Pay*.


Care Credit and Scratchpay offer flexible payment options to help you cover the care your pet needs. The main difference between the two programs is there is no credit check with Scratchpay. Apply below.

*Scratchpay is only accepted at our Morgantown, PA location.