By working together with us, help your Pet

Live a happier life

Every day we evaluate, cast and fit dogs with braces at our facilities in Morgantown and Canonsburg, PA. Our hands-on experience and foundation in human orthotics enable us to answer all your questions and fabricate the most effective and highest quality brace for your pup.

CPO & Co-Founder

Jim Alaimo

Jim has been certified by the American Board for Orthotics and Prosthetic since 1984 and is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Orthotic and Prosthetic program. He has presented at many national, state, and local symposiums on prosthetics, bracing, and outcomes. Throughout his career, he has provided unique solutions for various diagnoses requiring leg braces and prosthetics for many types of small and large animals.

Clinical Practitioner & Co-Owner

Clayton Blunk

Clayton is the senior practitioner at My Pet’s Brace, having been with the team since 2014. He started his hands-on training at My Pet’s Brace after graduating from Temple University with a degree in mechanical engineering. His love of animals and volunteer experience at the University of Pennsylvania’s Working Dog Center helped him realize he needed to use his education and skills to help pets and their families live happier lives. A few years ago, he was converted to a cat person and he has two Scottish Folds, George Michael and Phoebe.

As of January 2021, Clayton joined Jim as Co-Owner of My Pet’s Brace.

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Anna Spangler

Anna joined the My Pet’s Brace team in 2015. She was drawn to the company due to her love of animals. She grew up on a dairy farm with lots of cats and various farm animals as pets and continues to live on a dairy farm to this day. She graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Marketing, Management and International Business. Anna aims to educate veterinarians and pet families around the world about our custom leg braces and how we can work together to help pets live happier lives. At home, Anna enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, Peaches, and cat, Tyson.

As of January 2021, Anna joined Jim as Co-Owner of My Pet’s Brace.

Clinical Practitioner

Silvia Murgu

Silvia graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Romania with a master’s degree in small animal clinical sciences. She moved to the United States a few years ago and has been working as a veterinary technician and a certified laser therapist. Now trained at our clinic in orthotics, she is looking forward to helping pets improve their mobility with the help of a custom brace. In her free time, Silvia enjoys traveling with her husband, listening to music, reading books and spending time with her loving cat, Leo.

Clinical Practitioner

Jen Tennant

Jen began her career in human physical therapist. She enjoyed helping people achieve their optimum health through customized exercise and health plans. In addition to her rehabilitation profession, she took a hands-on role at her family construction company. Jen oversaw renovation projects, completed kitchen remodels, built furniture, operated excavation equipment and everything in between. Jen was thrilled to join the My Pet’s Brace team in 2022 as it combined her love of rehab and dogs. Outside of the clinic, Jen is always on the move. She has six kids and two dogs, Molly and Ruger. Jen loves going for long hikes and can regularly be seen around the neighborhood with her pups.

Clinical Practitioner

Katie Mirobelli

Katie has been part of the greater Pittsburgh veterinary community for the past decade. In addition to her 10 years of experience working as a veterinary technician in emergency/critical care and day practice, Katie has trained extensively with My Pet’s Brace senior clinician and founder Jim Alaimo at our Morgantown facility. Katie is excited to bring this novel treatment option of custom leg braces to pets in the greater Pittsburgh area. She has a busy home with three dogs, Tuckerby, Loki and Aragorn, and two cats, Beezer and Ozmataz.

Clinical Practitioner

Teresa Zawislak

Teresa is leading our newest facility located in Toms River, New Jersey. She brings with her 30 years of experience working as a veterinary technician in Ocean County, NJ. She is excited to be a local resource for veterinarians and pet families and help pets live active, quality lives with a custom brace. At home, her pup Tildi keeps her on her toes.

Clinical Practitioner

Nancy Smith

Nancy brings a diverse background to her role. After retiring from an 18-year career in New Jersey Law Enforcement, she embarked on a cross-country RV journey with her two dogs, Stella and Roobee. Inspired by her experiences working with dogs at rescue ranches and animal refuges, Nancy secured a position as a Veterinarian’s Assistant upon returning home. Her personal experience with bracing to treat her dog’s torn ACL led her to My Pet’s Brace, where she now helps pets recover from injuries and improve their quality of life. Nancy’s passion for animals and expertise make her a valuable asset to the team.

Clinical Practitioner

Chris Pujol

Chris Pujol, with over two decades of experience in the human orthotics and prosthetics industry, made the transition to bring his expertise and passion to the world of animal care. Alongside his wife Megan, they opened a My Pet’s Brace office in Texas. In addition to his professional achievements, Chris finds joy in the vibrant culinary scene, recreational activities, and diverse music culture that Austin, Texas has to offer. Outside of work, he cherishes moments spent with his two beloved dogs, Harley Jane and Baylee. 

Office Manager

Megan Pujol

Megan Pujol has successfully balanced the roles of a dedicated mother to three daughters and a career in real estate. Drawing upon her wealth of experience and fueled by her deep affection for animals, Megan embarked on a new venture alongside her husband to establish and manage the My Pet’s Brace office in Texas. With a genuine love for animals and a knack for creating extraordinary experiences, Megan brings her passion to the forefront, providing exceptional care and support to furry companions in need. Megan loves the quirky Austin area and the amazing tacos. When not busy at work, she relishes long walks with her cherished pups, Harley Jane and Baylee.