Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Case Report: Rosie - West Highland Terrier With CCL Injury 1

Patient: Rosie is a 9-year-old, 32-pound West Highland Terrier mix

Diagnosis: Left hind CCL tear

Type Of Device: Stifle brace

Case Report: Rosie is an active senior dog. She enjoys going for three to four-mile walks per day and playing with the neighbor’s dog. During the Thanksgiving holiday of 2021, she injured her left rear leg. Her family took her to their veterinarian who diagnosed Rosie with a cranial cruciate ligament injury. Together they decided on a custom knee brace for treatment.

Rosie visited our Morgantown, PA location for the casting and fitting of her knee brace. Some dogs take a few minutes to adjust to wearing their new brace, some dogs take a few days. Rosie adjusted to her brace very quickly. Her family said, “The best part about the brace is that as soon as we put it on her she was able to walk on her leg. It was amazing.”

Rosie has been wearing her brace for four months and she is back to walking several miles per day. She wears the brace close to 14 hours a day and can run, jump and be a normal dog. We recommend continuing to wear the brace for an additional five months to ensure the scar tissue is good and strong in her knee.

Case Report: Rosie - West Highland Terrier With CCL Injury 2Her veterinarian has been very pleased with Rosie’s progress. Dr. Troy Dougherty from All Creatures Veterinary in Gwynedd Valley, PA said, “Last fall I diagnosed Rosie with a torn CCL. After discussion, her owner elected to have Rosie fitted for a brace rather than to have surgery.  Within a few days she was seen and fitted for a supportive brace from My Pet’s Brace. I saw her for her first recheck 5 weeks later and she was already showing signs of stability and improved comfort in her stifle.  After 3 months she had regained full stability in the stifle.  This is the 10th dog that I have sent to My Pet’s Brace as an option other than surgery, and all have done very well with recovery and have regained full use of their stifles.”