Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Dog - Bilateral Carpal Braces

Patient: Honey is a 4-year-old, 16-pound Bichon Frise mix

Diagnosis: Erosive immune-mediated polyarthropathy

Type of Brace: Bilateral carpal braces

Case Study: Honey’s family noticed a decrease in her activity level and scheduled an orthopedic consult. Honey’s veterinarian diagnosed her with erosive immune-mediated polyarthropathy, which presented as severe bilateral carpal and tarsi laxity. She also had bilateral cranial cruciate ligament ruptures.

Due to the severity of the joint instability in her wrists, they were the priority. Her veterinarian recommended surgical stabilization once inflammation decreased as well as physical therapy and custom bilateral carpal braces.

Honey was fitted with non-jointed bilateral carpal braces in January of 2021. The braces lift her wrists to a more natural standing position which alleviates her pain and enables her to be more mobile.

After an initial break-in schedule, Honey now wears her braces from morning to night. She also continues physical therapy. Honey’s family says she is a happy, active dog. They are so pleased with her progress that they are not currently looking to pursue surgery and are planning on utilizing the braces for the foreseeable future.