By: Amy Rosenthal, My Pet’s Brace Practitioner

The Patient: Grady, an 11-year-old, 74-pound, Labrador Retriever with severe arthritis of the right elbow.

Case of Interest: Over 80% of our business is providing stifle braces for Cranial Cruciate Ligament injuries. However, we also fabricate carpal, hock, and elbow braces for multiple etiologies.

Grady was diagnosed with severe arthritis in his right elbow. His owners were medically managing his condition for approximately 5 years when they decided to pursue an elbow brace for additional stabilization.

Diagnostic History: In October 2017 Grady presented to our clinic for a brace for his right elbow for severe arthritis. The brace aids in protecting the joint as well as giving the elbow stability and support. An evaluation of his condition and lifestyle were evaluated and it was determined that he would benefit from an elbow brace.

A cast was made of Grady’s elbow from the styloid of the radius and ulna to as high into the axilla as possible. This cast was then used to create a custom-made brace for Grady. This brace was made with a closed-cell foam interior, a hard-medical grade plastic exterior, and specialized veterinary urethane joints at the elbow.  The range of motion straps allowed 10-15° of motion at the joint. The brace was fit and adjustments were made as necessary.

Grady was given a restricted exercise regimen, which included eliminating running and ball/dog playing.  Stairs were limited to 1 to 4 steps and if more than 4 steps were required, then some help would be needed. Leashed walks were encouraged, starting with 3 times a day for around 5 to 10 minutes each.  As he became accustomed to the brace, his walks increased and he was given more freedom.

Follow-Ups: Grady was seen approximately 1 month, 3 ½ months, and 6 ½ months after delivery. At each of the follow-up appointments, his condition was evaluated and straps were replaced as necessary. He was able to go out for walks and was off most of his pain meds. Unfortunately, he had a recurrence of soft tissue sarcoma in his good elbow in August 2018 which is being managed.  With the help of the brace, Grady is getting along well and he enjoyed playing in the snow this winter.