Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Eighty-nine percent of the devices we fabricate are knee braces for dogs with ACL/CCL injuries. We treat each dog and every brace as a distinct case. A few times a year though we get to really think outside the box and produce something unique for a pet’s specific needs. Here are some of the pups we’ve been able to help this year with a specially made device.

dog prostheticSuri’s right front paw was amputated due to a bone infection. We fit her with a prosthetic device in 2017, but she had grown and the device no longer fit. It was time for a new prosthesis. Our concern was that a new device would not suspend on to her leg successfully and it would fall off. We collaborated with 3D Pets to create a specially made harness that attaches to the new prosthetic device on her leg, which keeps the device securely in place.

dog hock braceSimon has arthritis in his stifle and hyperextension of his hock in his rear right leg. We made Simon a jointed hock brace with a posterior stifle cuff. The bottom portion of the brace supports his leg in a corrected standing position while the top portion of the brace restricts range of motion at the knee to reduce his pain from the arthritis.

dog carpal braceBear has a brachial plexus injury in his left front leg. We typically fabricate non-jointed carpal braces for this condition. As Bear is a German shepherd with long legs, it was determined that Bear’s carpal brace would need an additional elbow cuff to help control rotation. The brace is jointed at the elbow and non-jointed at the paw.