Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Case Report: Maxx – Dachshund Mix With An Angular Limb Deformity 1Patient: Maxx is a 13-year-old, 22-pound Dachshund mix

Diagnosis: Angular limb deformity of right carpal

Type Of Device: Non-jointed carpal brace

Case Report: Maxx was born with a slightly deformed paw. The carpal valgus turned his paw outwards. Even so, he was a happy active dog. Unfortunately, the condition worsened as he grew older and the angle of his leg put excessive pressure on his inside toe. The toe would become infected and need to be treated with antibiotics. For nearly two years Maxx’s family managed his toe and infections as best they could.

Case Report: Maxx – Dachshund Mix With An Angular Limb Deformity 2

Their veterinarian recommended the toe be amputated to prevent further sores and infections. In August of 2021, the surgery was completed. The amputation went well. It did not however correct his stance and the amputation site would not heal properly.

A specialty veterinarian familiar with Maxx’s case reached out to My Pet’s Brace. After speaking together, we determined that Maxx would benefit from a custom non-jointed carpal brace. The brace would protect the site of the toe amputation preventing further infections. The foot plate of the brace would provide his paw with a greater base of support to help distribute some of his weight to his other toes. The brace would also be fabricated in a slightly corrected standing position to improve the alignment between his shoulder, elbow and paw.

Case Report: Maxx – Dachshund Mix With An Angular Limb Deformity 3As Maxx lives in South Carolina and not near any of our facilities, his specialty veterinarian took the cast of Maxx’s leg. The veterinarian cast his leg in the slightly corrected position desired for the final brace.

Maxx has been wearing his carpal brace for almost four months. He wears it 8-10 hours a day. His family said, “His foot is finally healed in that area and he is back to going up and down the porch steps on his own. We had to do a few adjustments because Maxx’s foot and leg is just so strange. But My Pet’s Brace has been terrific to work with. Thank you so much!  Maxx is back to running in and out!”