Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Case Report: Kimba - Shih Tzu With An Elbow Brace 1Patient: Kimba is a 14-year-old, 17-pound Shih Tzu

Diagnosis: External rotation and osteoarthritis of his right elbow

Type Of Device: Jointed elbow brace

Case Report: When Kimba turned 11, his front right leg started to collapse, especially when he was being more active. His symptoms steadily progressed over the next three years. He was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and carpal valgus that caused external rotation of the elbow.

To help Kimba, his family purchased soft, off the shelf braces online. Unfortunately, they didn’t provide the necessary support nor fit his short legs properly. They consulted with their veterinarian and rehabilitation therapist for options. They found their way to My Pet’s Brace and visited us for a custom elbow brace.

Case Report: Kimba - Shih Tzu With An Elbow Brace 2After obtaining a cast of his leg, we fabricated a jointed elbow brace. The brace took stress off his elbow and reduced extension of the joint, which was causing him the most discomfort. The brace increased his function and contributed to his quality of life so much, they purchased a second back-up brace three months later.

Kimba can now run and play with his head held high (and not tripping on his face). When home, he only wears the brace when he’s outside as he’s not very active otherwise. He wears his brace much more during his travels. His family said, “We were in Newfoundland for five weeks and he hiked and climbed up and down stairs much more than I ever expected, and I think he truly enjoyed every minute. During our trip he wore the brace all day – and that included swimming in salt and fresh water.”