Anna Spangler

Anna Spangler

Marketing Director & Co-Owner

Case Report: June - Pitbull With Multiple Knee Surgeries 1Patient: June is an 11-year-old, 35-pound Pitbull mix

Diagnosis: Post-operative support needed from multiple CCL repairs

Type Of Device: Stifle brace

Case Report: June was surrendered after being diagnosed with a luxating patella and needing surgery. Her new family welcomed her into their home and pursued treatment. Since 2012, she has been evaluated by three different specialists and has undergone five surgeries. She had luxating patella surgery on her right rear leg. On her left rear leg, she had two TTA surgeries, the meniscus removed, and another surgery to clean out the joint. Next options were another TTA surgery, a TPLO surgery, a complete fusion of the leg, or amputation.

After consideration, her family decided to pursue a non-surgical treatment option. June loves to run and play. They wanted June to be able to enjoy her life, to not be put under for another surgery, or to go through a new round of post-op restrictions.

June visited us for a custom left knee brace in May of 2021. Due to the prolonged nature of her condition, we advised that June wear the brace during her waking hours for the rest of her life. The brace helps prevent the tibial drawer she still experiences. As an additional benefit, the brace has helped correct some external rotation she has of her left rear paw. The rotation presented after a misalignment of her tibia during one of her TTA surgeries.

Since wearing the brace, June’s left thigh muscle has grown. She’s not bearing full weight on her left leg, but she’s able to enjoy being an active dog again without identifiable pain. She’s so active that her family had her fitted for a second left knee brace to have as a spare when she plays in the water. She loves enjoying the beach and tidal pools close to their home. Her family is delighted that June is able to be a happy, playful dog without the need for another surgery.