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Anna Spangler

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Patient: Bucky is a 1-year-old, 30-pound beagle mixCase Report: Bucky - Beagle Mix With A Post Operative Calcaneal Fracture Malunion 1

Diagnosis: Post operative calcaneal fracture malunion

Type of Device: Non-jointed hock brace

Case Report: Bucky is a young active dog who was taken in by a rescue in the summer of 2021. He was a difficult case as he presented with several injuries. He had a distal left humeral malunion affecting his elbow joint and a left calcaneal fracture. He ambulated well on his front leg, so their veterinarian identified the calcaneal fracture as the priority.

In July of 2021, the veterinary surgeon stabilized the hock joint with two pins and a tension wire. Bucky also received a bone graft. His healing was slow after the surgery. The veterinarian recommended a brace to support his hock and prevent excessive flexion. With the brace, Bucky would also be able to be more active and not be restricted to crate rest.

He was fitted with a custom non-jointed hock brace in September of 2021. Bucky acclimated quickly to the brace and wore it for more strenuous activities, such as walks and rehabilitation sessions.

As of the beginning of November 2021, Bucky’s veterinarian and rehabilitation team decided he no longer needed the support of the brace. His leg healed better than they hoped. His foster family said, “Thank you for all you did with constructing the brace and getting Bucky started with it. I am sure the addition of the brace was a big factor in the speed and thoroughness of his healing.”

Happily, Bucky found his forever home and is enjoying life as a cheerful energetic pup, brace free.