Braces and Water 1By: Terry Lackmeyer, My Pet’s Brace Customer Service Representative

While water and oil may not mix, water and our braces do not have that same problem.

All of our braces are completely waterproof. The shell of the brace is made of co-polypropylene plastic. The inside lining of the brace is made of closed-cell foam which means it does not absorb moisture or bacteria. The buckles, screws, and rivets are all stainless steel. All of this means the brace is very easy to keep clean and water will not affect it.

If the brace should get dirty it is very easy to clean with antibacterial soap and a washcloth. If it gets dirty, feel free to use a non-toxic cleaner, such as Simple Green, on it along with water.

If your dog has water therapy, they can wear the brace (with the therapist’s approval, of course). If your dog likes to swim in the family pool, fine. If your dog enjoys the creek while on those trail hikes, great. Just follow a few simple steps when your dog comes out of the water to keep the brace performing at its best.

  1. Remove the brace from the dog’s leg and dry the brace and straps off completely.
  2. Dry your dog’s leg off as well as possible.
  3. Powder the suspension sleeve really well. This will reduce friction which increases with moisture present.
  4. Put the brace back on your dog’s leg.

One final note, if you live near the ocean and your dog enjoys playing in the waves just remember that saltwater is very caustic. When your dog comes out of the ocean remember to rinse the brace very well with fresh water then follow the steps noted above.

Following these simple tips will ensure that your dog can participate in the water activities they love and the brace will serve them well for years.