Customer Service Representative

Another Year In The Rear View Mirror 1Hard to believe, but another year has charged through the doggie door. Seems like only yesterday we were looking at the beginning of 2022 and here we now are staring at the tail end of it. Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not, but here at My Pet’s Brace it has been another year of positive changes.

Early this year saw the opening of our satellite office in Toms River, New Jersey. Teresa Zawislak, the clinician in New Jersey, brings decades of veterinary technician experience to her job and is well-prepared to service the tri-state area and beyond.

Another Year In The Rear View Mirror 2In July, we had the pleasure of exhibiting at one the larger industry tradeshows, the AVMA conference in Philadelphia. Several thousands of people from the veterinary community attended. It was nice to be able to meet these professionals face to face and discuss our products and answer any questions they may have.

This year brought another first as we started partnering with 3D Pets to create prosthetic devices for dogs missing their entire front leg. Previously, dogs missing an entire front leg were unable to be fitted with a prosthetic device as there was nothing to which to attach the device. With this new endeavor, we can attach the prosthesis or wheels to a light-weight 3D printed vest that the dog wears around their chest.

Another Year In The Rear View Mirror 3As the year ends, we like to reflect upon the wonderful privilege and opportunity we have to service the pets that need our help. While most of the pets we serve are receiving knee braces for CCL injuries, sometimes we see pets that require a special device that is not the norm. We welcome the opportunity to think “outside the box” to try to help these special cases. For example, we collaborated with 3D Pets to create a specially made harness that attaches to a prosthetic device on Suri’s leg, which keeps the device securely in place.

It is at this time that we wish to thank all the veterinarians, rehabilitation specialists, and pet owners that entrust their patients and pets in our care. We take our responsibility very seriously. Each and every one of us strives to provide the very best service and product. From the customer service representatives at the front desk, to the lab technicians manufacturing the braces, to the clinicians in all of our offices, we treat each patient as if they were our own. We understand that when your pet is injured you want the best care as quickly as possible, and we strive to provide that.

While we have been fortunate to have a television show spotlight our work and ship braces all over the world, we still provide personal attention to each and every patient. It is this personal attention that clients have grown to appreciate and expect, and it is this personal attention that puts us a step above the others. No matter how much we grow, we will continue to provide the one-on-one care that enables us to get to know both the client and their dog.

As we look toward the new year, we look forward to continuing to help pets with their orthopedic conditions. We hope to continue to grow and open additional satellite offices in other locations in the country so more pets and pet families can benefit from our services.

We wish you and your pets a wonderful, safe, and healthy new year. All of us feel very lucky to have this unique opportunity to help our injured four-legged friends to live a happier, healthier life.