Mark Hardin and Jim Alaimo

Our History

Who We are

My Pet’s Brace was formed in 2010 by our founders, Jim Alaimo and Mark Hardin. Jim, a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist, and Mark, a Certified Public Accountant, were colleagues at a human orthotic and prosthetic company. They decided to work together to determine whether they could apply their knowledge to the veterinary world.

After surveying veterinarians and rehabilitation professionals across the country, they discovered the very real need for high-quality custom- made leg braces for ACL/CCL injuries and other conditions. Our doors opened at our facility in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and we began seeing patients as well as fabricating braces for dogs located around the world.

The business has grown exceptionally as more and more veterinarians, rehabilitation professionals, and pet families learn how custom leg braces can help dogs lead happy active lives. In June 2017, we moved to a larger facility, across the street, to be able to help more pups. Every device continues to be hand-made at our Morgantown facility.

In the fall of 2018, a second My Pet’s Brace facility opened in Canonsburg, just south of Pittsburgh, PA. In 2022, we opened a third location in Toms River, NJ. Then in 2023, a casting and fitting location was added in Round Rock, TX.

My Pet’s Brace is now headed by Clayton Blunk and Anna Spangler. Both are long-time employees of the company.

Original Morgantown, PA facility
Morgantown, PA facility opened in 2017
Pittsburgh, PA facility opened in 2018
Toms River, NJ facility opened in 2022
Round Rock, TX facility opened in 2023

Our Promise To You

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer unique orthotic and prosthetic solutions for the rehabilitation of pets so they can lead active and happy lives. We do this by providing compassionate care and exceptional service to pets, pet families and our referral sources.

Everyone at My Pet’s Brace is passionate about helping pets live happier lives. It’s our goal to provide the most comfortable and securely fit brace and prosthetics made individually and uniquely for each dog. Our promise is that every pet will receive the very best care delivered in the warm, caring and helpful manner.